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Redbull Pro Nationals Round Up Day 1


In the first race of the day it was Jack Kelly who was to take the opening holeshot, before Oakleaf Kawasaki’s Jake Millward relieved him of the lead on the second lap, with PAR Honda’s Ben Watson slipping into third. Just as Millward threatened to check out, Watson found a turn of speed and began closing the gap, finding himself right on Millward’s tail come half distance. With backmarkers making their presence felt Millward made the better work of getting through them and had the win in the bag until a last lap mistake saw him drop the bike and allow Watson through for the win with Robert Davidson taking third.

In the second outing Millward was determined to make amends for his first race slip up and powered out of the gate into the first turn with Watson snapping at his heels. With an empty track ahead of them Millward did enough to keep Watson a safe distance back, allowing the Oakleaf Kawasaki rider to take the win and make it one apiece with Watson, with GrittenhamMX/MeredithMX Suzuki’s Dan Thornhill in third.

In the third and final outing of the day it was the two main protagonists out of the traps first, with Millward grabbing the all important holeshot ahead of Watson as they tore into the first turn. With Millward maintaining a steady pace out front Watson appeared to tire at around mid point and fell back into the clutches of Dan Thornhill who tried his best to get around the PAR Honda rider. Thornhill was all the extra motivation that Watson needed and as he gained his second wind slowly began to close the gap on Millward. Unfortunately it was all too much too late and Millward took the win ahead of Watson and Thornhill for two from three on the day.

Big Wheel

Having dominated most of race 1 Jordan Eccles’ day took a turn for the worse as a fall two laps from the end saw arch rival Will Keogh happily take the lead, while Eccles was left nursing a costly DNF. Todd Kellett and Scooter Webster took second and third apiece.

In the second outing of the day Will Keogh decided he liked the feeling of winning and he’d like some more of it thanks very much! With Keogh doing his thing out front his Vampire Rock KTM Racing teammate Scooter Webster was doing his thing in second, while Todd Kellett swapped his first race second for a second race third!

In the third and final outing of the day Will Keogh once again took the bull by the horns and positioned himself nicely at the front of the field, while behind him Gradie Featherstone shrugged off his 2nd moto DNF to lay chase. Keogh was not going to let anything spoil his clean sweep party and pulled away from the field, leaving Featherstone to field the advances of Buildbase Albion Honda’s Josh Gilbert. With Keogh already disappearing into the distance the fight was on for second but Featherstone had the measure of Gilbert and brought it home a clear four seconds ahead of the Honda man.

Small Wheel

In the SW class first blood of the day went to Keenan Hird who managed to pull out a 12 second lead on his Motone Craigs KTM in the tricky conditions. With Albie Wilkie going down early and ending any chance he had of contending, second and third spots were filled by Alex Brown and Joe Jacques respectively.

In the second moto Marcus Phelps found his mojo and after a first race fourth place finish upped his game to put himself at the pointy end of proceedings with Joe Jacques right on his tail pipe. As the race entered its last lap there was nothing between them and after 16 minutes of racing they were separated by only 1 second, with first moto winner Keenan Hird 20 seconds further back in third.

In the third race of the day Danger UK’s Drew Warren had all his planets finally line up as he put his 10th and 6th place finishes behind him to grab a start and proceeded to lead from the front, managing to pull out an eight second lead over second place finisher Keenan Hird, with Joe Jacques taking third.


After Tom Grimshaw’s Landrake clean sweep there was a new face on the top step as Christopher Mills put his sand riding skills to good use, powering his KTM through the deep sand and tricky conditions to pull out a 10 second lead over second place finisher Gary Ashley, with Rossi Beard rounding out the top 3.

In the second race a nasty off for one rider caused the race to be red flagged after only 6 minutes, with the result being called from the previous lap. Good news if you’re Tom Grimshaw, bad news if you’re Christopher Mills who had just put a pass on Grimshaw for the lead moments before the flag came out! Third place went to Scott Russell.

Any disappointment Mills felt was channelled into motivation for the third race of the day as he consolidated his first moto win with yet another, ahead of Gary Ashley and Tom Grimshaw in second and third respectively. With his two wins and a second Mills heads into Sunday as firm favourite for the overall.

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