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Redbull and Events 22 catch up with Jake Millward

Sheffield youngster Jake Millward is fast becoming one of the UK’s most highly sought-after young Motocross riders after winning round one of the Red Bull Elite Youth Cup – and this weekend the talented South Yorkshireman heads to his local round at FatCat MotoParc, Armthorpe leading every young rider in the UK.

Red Bull: Jake you came out swinging at round 1 of the Red Bull Elite Youth Cup in Cornwall taking three race wins and the overall win, how happy were you with the performance?

JM: “Yeah I was over the moon with it really, I performed as well as I know I can and ended up winning, which is what I went there to do, and I’m really happy with how it went. Saturday went to plan with two wins and a second and I couldn’t have asked for much more, especially as I went out and took the opening race on Sunday.”

Red Bull: You came second to Nathan Watson in this class in 2011, when did you first compete in the Red Bull Elite Youth Cup?

JM: “My first year was when I did the Big Wheel 85 class three years ago back in 2009 and I’m now starting my fourth year in the this class.”

Red Bull: How are you enjoying your time on the Oakleaf Kawasaki team?

JM: “The guys there are awesome and I get on really well with them. It’s the first time that I’ve been on a team as such, you know with a truck and mechanics and stuff. I don’t have to worry about anything, everything gets sorted out for me allowing me to just concentrate on my racing.”

Red Bull: To be able to turn up and just race has to be the dream doesn’t it?
JM: “It’s so good, my mechanic does all of my bike work for me so all I have to do is turn up and ride. It’s a big relief for

me knowing that I don’t have to worry about anything other than getting on and riding.”

Red Bull: Do you feel under extra pressure knowing that all of these other people are putting in lots of hard work to get you out there on the line?

JM: “Not really no, I know that there’s a lot of people out there helping me and a lot of people wanting me to win. I can’t start thinking about things like that or I’ll get nervous and might start making mistakes so I put it to the back of my mind and concentrate on the racing.”

Red Bull: With this being your third season in the Rookies is the plan to be moving up into the Pro ranks next year?
JM: “This year if it all goes to plan and I manage to get the rookie title then we’ll have to see where it goes from there

and maybe next year try and move up to the Pros.”

Red Bull: Having moved up through Big Wheel, the Rookies and now hoping to move up into the pros next year, would you say that the Red Bull Elite Youth Cup is the best breeding ground for young riders here in the UK?

JM: “Yeah it definitely is, all of the fastest riders in the UK ride the Red Bull Elite Youth Cup so everyone goes there knowing that they are riding against the best competition there is and that brings all of the riders on. All of the top riders in the UK are well aware of the Red Bull Pro Nationals so if you manage to win one of the titles everyone’s going to have heard of you, which is always a good thing.” >

Red Bull: The series is covering the whole of the country this season, which stops are you particularly looking forward to?

JM: “I’m really looking forward to Fatcat in a couple of weeks because that’s just about 25 minutes down the road from me so it’s my local track. I’m looking forward to all of them really, there’s some good riders in the Rookies that I can’t wait to race against.”

Red Bull: Who do you see as your main rivals for the title?
JM: “The main rivals will be….well there will be a few of them that are up there, all of them are so fast. There’s a lot of

people who are fast enough to win a race, I could easily name six people who I think might win a race this year.”

Red Bull: What’s your favourite type of going?
JM: “I’ve been brought up riding the sand and I do feel more comfortable in the sand, saying that there aren’t really any

hardpack tracks around me but I still seem to go alright on it!”

Red Bull: What do you feel the Red Bull Elite Youth Cup series has given you that no other series could?

JM: “My first year of the Red Bull Elite Youth Cup I won the Fox Boot Camp and I was on Red Bull’s Dirt Rats video, that was a real good experience getting filmed for the whole year! The sponsorship deal with Fox was like a dream come true really because the best riders in the world are sponsored by Fox and without the Red Bull Elite series that wouldn’t have happened. The series gives you the chance to show people what you can do, to get the wins I did at Landrake in front of such big teams and big names that were there watching was amazing because people do notice you. Obviously for my future years in motocross there’s people out there watching me, knowing what you can do and watching you develop within the sport.”

Red Bull: Red Bull are giving people like yourselves the opportunity to be a success at the sport you love, how does it feel to be a part of that?

JM: “It’s amazing, Red Bull gives you an opportunity in motocross to try and get yourself up there, to try and get yourself noticed and give you the opportunity to get yourself known, to be noticed by the big teams and big sponsors, and hopefully if you’re lucky to land a team spot.”

Red Bull: That’s great stuff Jake, thanks for your time and all the best in the future. JM: “Nice one, thanks.”

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