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Red Bull Pro Nationals – Q&A With Ed Allingham

RBPN: First off, how’s your testing and training gone over the close season? Been anywhere nice and warm?

Ed Allingham: I haven’t really done a lot over the winter I only sorted the deal with Mbo sports Yamaha in January or so and haven’t really rode the last two years , so this last two months has been quite busy with riding again, I went down to Spain for a week and a half when the snow hit England at the end of January and that is when i more less started back again.

RBPN: We didn’t see you at the RBPNs last season – are you looking forward to getting back among it and banging bars with the 450s?

Ed Allingham: Yeah this year I’m more ready than i have been since my last solid year in 2009 may’b not just up to scratch with my fitness and speed yet but my mental approach is where it needs to be and the rest is coming slowly, I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I had my first race last week at the masters and it went better than my goal so I’m happy. The 450’s don’t really bother me its just more guys on bikes to me.

RBPN: What are your expectations from the 2013 season?

Ed Allingham: My goal is just to build this year and stay injury free , my goals, I’m aiming for top 5 results in the Redbull but I’m not putting pressure on myself i know it will take time.

RBPN: Who do you see as your main rivals this year in the RBPNs?

Ed Allingham: Main rivals , There’s a lot of good guys this year Nate Watson is going really well at the minute , but Martin Barr , Greame Irwin, Nevelle Bradshaw, Mackenzie, Lenior will all be gunning for the win, i could go on here the class will be strong for sure.

RBPN: Congratulations on your deal withRoy – how well do you know your team-mate Kristian and have you been riding together?

Ed Allingham: Thanks its a good setup i like it there i get on really well with Jon the team manager and he looks after me good and Roy is 100% no messing he just tells you strait with no false promises which is good and you don’t get many guys like him anymore. Kristain old K-dub me and Kris gelled together really well we get on like brothers really he try’s his best to help me with lines and stuff when where practicing and stuff hes good to learn off that’s for sure.

RBPN: Out of the tracks we’ve announced so far which one is your favourite and why?

Ed Allingham: I’m not too sure really i would say from the ones released at the minute culham is my favourite i just like the terrain there but there all the same for everyone so you got to like every track and try you best to get the job done .

Picture © Nuno Laranjeira

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