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No Red Bull Pro Nationals in 2014!

Update (12:58pm):

Matt Bates released this statement on the Red Bull Pro Nationals Facebook page earlier today, which explains the decision in a lot more details:

Dear All,

It is with regret that I am writing to inform you that in 2014 we will be taking a break from staging the Pro Nationals series.

As I’m hoping you can appreciate, making this decision has been exceptionally difficult as collectively, e22 Sports and the team of dedicated staff have worked tirelessly to elevate Motocross to a standard that few have ever achieved.

Our reasons for making this decision are because with only a handful of venues able to cater for events of this size, coupled with the increasing number of new national event organisers, it has become commercially impossible to continue in a very crowded market. As much as we are all passionate motocross fanatics, the sport just isn’t big enough for so many ‘Nationally’ acclaimed series’ and there are only a certain amount of weekends!

My belief is that the Pro Nationals together with our partners have played a leading role in elevating the standard of Motocross events in the UK. We’ve kept the 2 stroke championships alive and were the first organisers to give opportunity for youth riders to showcase their ability in front of industry supported professional status teams. Over the course of five years we have staged in excess of 50 events, attracted tens of thousands of new fans to the sport, given over 5,000 individuals the chance to try the sport for the first time and above all, I believe we’ve made the sport a better place.

Naturally I’m well aware that not everyone will be pleased with this late decision and despite all rumors, we had every intention of continuing the series up until only a few days ago. I can honestly say that as a team of dedicated motocross fanatics, we are all just as disappointed. I also have no doubt that Social Media channels will be awash with criticism, but all I kindly ask is that you take a step back for a few moments to remind yourself of what we’ve positively achieved over the past five years.

I would like to personally apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this decision has caused and can only hope that one day very soon we will be back staging a great national series.


After months of rumours, it has become apparent that the Red Bull Pro Nationals will not continue this year. Of course, this is not a surprise, as it has been talked about for quite some time, but it is a shame this close to the season, as I am sure some riders will be struggling to find races to compete in now. Matt Bates has stated that his reason for this is that it has become a very crowded market, and other federations have made it tough for the series to continue.

It isn’t all bad though, as e22 will be hosting a ‘Pro Nationals Festival’ on June 7th and 8th at Weston Super-Mare.

We will continue to update this story as it develops.

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