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RCH – The Beginning

Ricky Carmichael talks about his new team and why he’s decided now is the right time..

It’s finally a reality… the beginning of the RCH race team! After over a year of meetings and hard work and getting everyone on the same page Carey Hart has given me an opportunity to join forces with him and his race team to be part owner and work to hopefully someday be a championship team and have the chance to win as part owner in a race team.

This opportunity is something that I have had on the brain for a while now but the timing was going to have to be right and this was it. I have always had a lot of Respect for Carey as person, an athlete and business man I met him in 1998 at an outdoor race, I was walking back to the rig after watching some practice and I saw him sitting on the rear bumper of his van and stopped and talked with him. From that point on we would always speak to one another and became friends over the years.

A lot of people might think that it seems a little weird that he and I joined forces but now that you know some back round maybe it won’t seem that way anymore. As I have always wanted to start this venture, I did a tremendous amount of homework and research. I knew that I had to be able to bring something to a team, other than my knowledge, I want to bring more and I couldn’t have done that with some one say like Chad Reed, he has everything already. So as it came down to it I really was impressed with what Carey and his crew has grown this team into, with their pit presence and big named sponsors they have. I knew that they were doing something right to have all of that and I felt like they could really get to the next level with one more element, and that was having Factory equipment. And with my great relationship with American Suzuki I was able to bring that missing piece.

It was a long road and honestly at times I didn’t think I was going to be able to pull it off but at the end of the day I was and I really have to say thanks to Suzuki for stepping up, they really believe and me and our program and where we want to be in 5 years. Also thanks to Carey as well for what he has given to me with ownership.

Our plans and long term goals are to be a championship caliber team. We are not doing this to be a pack filler and ride around, we are doing this to win. Everyone involved is making huge sacrifices for this to happen and we will not settle for less. It will be a work in progress and it is going to take a few years but we are coming. In 2013 we are going to overachieve and try and do better than what people are expecting from and we will use this as a growing year. When 2014 rolls around I expect us to be much better and be contenders. This may sound accelerated but we have to have high goals and with my position and duties I am going to work hard to have the best personnel and support in place for our riders.

I like my position in the team as more of the competition and technology director. Since I have the relationship with Suzuki, I will be dealing with them during testing with our riders and doing the best I can on development of our race bikes and the Suzuki brand. It’s a lot of fun for me because I feel I know what it takes to be able to do that and I get a lot of self satisfaction out of it.

I’m really excited about this, I love winning, I love the sport and want to win as an owner. I have done this virtually my whole life and this is what I do so I’m looking forward to many great years. I know that it will not happen over night but we will work hard like we always do to and make good on our promises for our sponsors and riders. I believe with the marketing power that Carey and I have and catering to the demographics that we do the sky is the limit. We are going to have fun work hard and cannot wait!!

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