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Race Report: AMCA Hawkstone

Round four of the AMCA championship was held at one of the most famous circuits in the country, none other than Hawkstone Park. The soft sand really separated the men from the boys as it got really rough, really quick.

MX2 was dominated throughout the day by one man, Ray Rowson, who was paying visit the championship. He was the fastest in qualifying ahead of series leader, Josh Waterman. The first race got underway with Rowson taking the early lead and then setting off into the distance. Charlie Hamlet was in second and Chris Povey third. He, however, would fall on the second lap and drop outside the top ten. This allowed James Wainwright to move into third and he then made quick work of Hamlet and settled into a rhythm to come home in second.

The championship leader was having a tough race after a poor start, but had worked his way up to eighth by the end of the first lap. By the third lap he was into fourth behind Hamlet. However, he looked like he was pushing a little too hard to get to the front and, consequently, went down a few laps later. This dropped him back to ninth and he would recover to finish seventh.


You have to be happy with the bike moving around in the soft sand.

Scott Gower

The MX1 class was set to be extremely entertaining at the front of the field, especially if Burton and Gibson could get out of the gate. It was Brad Turner, however, who got the best of starts and took the holeshot. It didn’t last long though, as Gibson was able to get around him and take the lead by the end of the opening lap. Burton would follow one lap later, which meant that the race was on. They did not disappoint either. Burton was hunting Gibson down and putting him under immense pressure. Gibson was able to hold him off for four laps and even when Burton forced a move Gibson would bite straight back. In the end though it was just a matter of time before Burton would find his way though. He did so on lap six and this time Gibson didn’t have an answer. Burton would take the win, Gibson second and James Dodd had a lonely ride in third.


Brand Turner's starts we much better this weekend and was able to run upfront.

Scott Gower

In the second race both Burton and Gibson didn’t get off the best of starts, although I didn’t see it I can assume Gibson fell on the opening lap as he crossed the line outside of the top thirty. It was Luke Meredith, who has shown flashes of brilliance this year, who was running at the front until the third lap where a mistake forced him to drop down the field. Burton was able to take the lead from there and never looked back whilst on his way to another 1-1. Dodd was a lonely, but solid, second this time. Gary Gibson put on a monumental charge though the field and was just more committed to the track. He came from thirty-first position on the opening lap to finish the race in third.

Like I mentioned above due to delays in the schedule only two races were ran. The series now goes to Boraston for round five on the tenth of July.

Words: Scott Gower | Image: Scott Gower

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