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Question Time: 5 vs. 222

Newest MX Vice poll launched, competitiveness of Ryan Dungey and Antonio Cairoli analysed.

Having Ryan Dungey return to racing in the 2022 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series is the ultimate gift to motocross fans. The fact that he will be joined on the starting line by Antonio Cairoli sweetens the deal even more – such an interesting match up will be the subject of many bench-racing discussions in the upcoming months. Who is going to fare better though? Dungey has not competed in 1847 days and will rely on muscle memory, whereas Cairoli has not raced in 198 days and has never touched a majority of these tracks before.

Such an interesting debate could be poured over for hours. Answer the MX Vice poll below, once you have given it some thought. Dungey is confirmed for all twelve rounds at the time of writing, whereas Cairoli is only down for the first two. The chances of ‘222’ not going further than Hangtown are very, very small though. Join the chat on social media and share thoughts via these channels (@motocrossvice on Twitter or @mxvice on Instagram). You can watch 2022 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross via the link below.

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Who will do better, Ryan Dungey or Antonio Cairoli?


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