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Putoline Apico Honda joins the MX Nationals!

Yet another top team has confirmed that they will be participating in the 2014 MX Nationals; the Putoline Apico Honda team, consisting of veteran Neville Bradshaw, and James Harrison, will be present at all eight of the rounds.

Following the announcement that Kristian Whatley and Martin Barr have signed up, it is great that even more contenders will be filling the starting gate each week. In recent years, Neville has had a lot of success in similar series, so we are certain that the popular South African will be a force to be reckoned with, as soon as the MX Nationals begin. James Harrison will join him beneath the Putoline Apico Honda awning, of course. James could surprise a lot of fans with his speed, as he has really improved recently.

EVS, Michelin, Fly Racing, RFX, Prox, Bell, Maxima, MD, Surf and Turf, and VP Fuel will all be involved in the series. MOTO Magazine, Dirt-Bike Rider, TMX, MX Large and MX Vice will be supporting the MX Nationals, too, at some of the best tracks in the UK.

Paul Irwin (MX Nationals Director): “I’m delighted to have another top MX2 stalwart, Apico Putoline Honda’s Neville Bradshaw, joining the series. Neville’s ‘never give in’ attitude is always exciting to watch – I am sure he will be challenging Kristian Whatley for the win.”

Neville Bradshaw (MX2 Rider): “I’m really looking forward to racing the MX Nationals series. It is always good to have a new series involved in British Motocross! The tracks look great, and it seems like some of the best riders in the UK will be competing. So, the racing should be pretty immense! I’m looking forward to getting racing.”

Vicki Jeffreys (Putoline Apico Honda Team Manager): “I would just like to say that Putoline Apico Honda are pleased to be doing the full MX Nationals series with our riders Neville Bradshaw and James Harrison.”

Image: Elliot Spencer

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