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PR: BYC Goes Live with 24MX

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RHL Activities, 24MX and MX Vice have been working closely together to drive the youth scene forward in the UK to help showcase the talent and hopefully deliver value for sponsors of the series and those who support the riders.

Whitby was the first of two rounds that has been planned to run live with full commentary and this was a first for a motocross event in this country. Both MX Vice and RHL were keen to let this one fly under the radar, because there are so many variables that could have happened for the weekend to go wrong. Kudos to everyone involved as the fog, rain and heavy winds could not thwart the live stream from being a huge success with over 15,000+ views of the races over the weekend.

Sophie McGinn and the team worked tirelessly all weekend to execute a very successful weekend for everyone involved. 24MX have invested heavily to make this happen and will continue to evolve both technical support and media help not only throughout this year but are already working on a strategy for 2020 and beyond to keep evolving youth motocross in the UK.

James Burfield (24MX and MX Vice): “We have been sat on many ideas since 2014 that we were unable to implement, so to actually see a youth race live in the UK is fantastic. 24MX’s support for youth and amateur riders has enabled us to be able to push forward with these ideas and our experience of being around MXGP has given us a clear focus to work towards.”

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