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Penalties: Arlington 2

Penalties were delivered thick and fast at the eleventh round of 2021 Monster Energy Supercross, Arlington 2, hence why the final race results may not be what fans expected to see. The biggest penalty was handed to the former 250SX West series leader, Cameron McAdoo, who effectively cut out two straights after crashing in the whoops in the main event. Jason Anderson and Brandon Hartranft were also penalised.

  • Cameron McAdoo finished seventh in the main, but was docked three spots and put back to tenth at the chequered flag. That cost him the red plate, additionally, as he now trails Hunter Lawrence by one point in the title fight. Justin Cooper is one marker further behind in third.
  • Jason Anderson also cut out the whoops on one lap of the main event and was docked one position following the race, which meant that he finished seventh instead of sixth. Anderson still occupies seventh in the championship standings.
  • Brandon Hartranft was not featured in the premier-class main, despite occupying the final transfer spot in the last-chance qualifier. Hartranft passed Cade Clason by cutting the track to get back ahead – a move that was frowned on by officials. Hartranft was moved from fourth to sixth in the qualifier.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Align With Us


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