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Paul Burns the competition

The resurgence of interest in the 2012 SMC Series continued at Badby where Round 3 was hosted by Northampton Motorcyclists Club. The large entry of riders were treated to a new noise-reducing track layout that provided close exciting racing all day. A break in the recent run of wet weather meant the hilltop circuit was in prime condition, dry but never dusty apart from a single wet corner that steadfastly refused to dry out all day.

In the Expert class 2011 champion Dale Raynor lost out on the overall by a single point to Paul Burn. Paul improved on a first leg third to win the other two, while Dale won the first and finished runner up twice. Michael McClurg finished third battling closely with the leaders each time. The final race proved incredibly close and had the crowd on their feet as all three were within striking distance of the win, with Paul somehow staying in front to the flag.

In the Junior A group Ben Putnam secured overall first with a win and a second. The second race win and second overall went to resident track expert Ian Teverson, who would surely have won the first as well if he’d not missed the start. Jordan Wills took third overall with consistent second and third place finishes. Rupert Fairclough and James Chambers tied on points at the head of the Junior B class. Both took a win and a third, Rupert taking first overall by virtue of his win in race two. Finishing second both times out and missing the win by a single point was Gary Shaw.

The Elite Over 40 and Over 50 classes once again provided the fullest line ups of the day. Tony Leishman took yet another overall victory, but was unable to catch the smooth riding Cliff Lester in the final race. Cliff took second from Mark Bland who progressed to third each time on the screaming two stroke, despite being out dragged each time on the long uphill start. Nigel Miller dominated the Over 50 class with the only hat trick of the day. Sam Boak took second overall from the hard charging Andrew Brightman.

In the 2 stroke class Tony Leishman took another overall from Mark Bland. Jono Bourn took a well-deserved third behind them. Race wins also went to Gary Putnam and Thomas Harwood, but they didn’t feature overall after only taking part in one leg each. In the Workers handicap race James Chambers snatched victory from a less than pleased Hayley Rilings. Fraser Law was only able to reach third after receiving an enormous time penalty at the start.

Round 4 of the 2012 SMC now takes place at Toddington on the rescheduled date of June 10.

Expert: 1 Paul Burn, 2 Dale Raynor, 3 Michael McClurg, 4 Mark Boswell, 5 Joe Wyse, 6 James Barnwell
Junior A: 1 Ben Putnam, 2 Ian Teverson, 3 Jordan Wills, 4 Glyn Litchfield, 5 Billy Fountain, 6 Jono Bourn
Junior B: 1 Rupert Fairclough, 2 James Chambers, 3 Gary Shaw, 4 Wayne Parkes, 5 Richard Sabin, 6 Jack Fosketh
Over 40: 1 Tony Leishman, 2 Cliff Lester, 3 Mark Bland, 4 Fraser Law, 5 Steve Bottoms, 6 Steve Gilbey
Over 50: 1 Nigel Miller, 2 Sam Boak, 3 Andrew Brightman, 4 Reg Willis, 5 Mike Freeman, 6 Steve Mitton
Under 40: 1 Ian Teverson, 2 Ben Huckerby, 3 Jordan Wills, 4 Steven Chilvers, 5 Glyn Litchfield, 6 James Chambers
2 Stroke: 1 Tony Leishman, 2 Mark Bland, 3 Jono Bourn, 4 Paul Atkinson, 5 Tom Burn, 6 Christian Livesey
Workers: 1 James Chambers, 2 Hayley Rilings, 3 Fraser Law, 4 James Higgins, 5 Stephen Cole, 6 Gerard Scott


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