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Out: Billy Mackenzie

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Billy Mackenzie was set to make yet another wildcard appearance at the sixth round of the 2019 Maxxis British Championship, Hawkstone Park, this weekend, but crashed whilst practice on his CR500 this weekend and sustained a back injury. There have been a lot of rumours floating around, but here is the official word from Mackenzie himself.

“Really appreciate all of the messages recently people, our motocross community is STRONG! Little bit of Chinese whispers going on in the reports. It isn’t as bad as was first thought. Only two fractured vertebrae, T8 & T9 and joining ribs. Some doctors say stable, others say not. Waiting on final reports tomorrow before I decide on surgery… Would defo rather not have surgery if I can help it. Everything else is spot on, no tingles or numbness anywhere, just weak in the affected area, but seems I have done a similar injury before on T5 from the X-ray reports.



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“Still got 500 FEVER! I’ll forgive my girl for this one, maybe I was getting too relaxed on track. The crash happened because I landed in some soft slushy sand at the edge of the track and started a two-wheel drift. I tried to correct it but the front tucked and it jack-knifed/high-sided me straight off the right hand side. I landed on the take off of the next jump with full impact on my back and no body armour. Being winded is a bad feeling! Just wanna get this fixed and healthy so I can get back after it. Hope I can get healthy for VMXdN. Gutted I’m missing the opportunity of ripping up Hawkstone hill this weekend.”

Mackenzie last raced a round of the Maxxis British Championship in a one-off appearance in 2015. Mackenzie finishing eighteenth, tenth and ninth in the three-moto format for eleventh overall in MX1.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: MX Vice Archives


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