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One to watch: Jason Meara

Loughbrickland’s Jason Meara has been a revelation on the Emerald Isle in the last 12 months. He was only old enough to race the Adults from the end of April last year when he turned 15 and from then he has made a meteoric rise to the top. By the end of the season he was challenging his brother John who won the Irish and Ulster MX2 titles and this season Jason, with recent help from Alan Magee racing, is in the hunt for both Irish and Ulster MX2 titles himself. He has also just taken over the lead of the U23 Ulster championship and, despite only turning 16 at the end of April, is starting to make a name for himself in the British championship after an impressive 14 promising teenagers, Adam Sterry and Ben Watson.

Jason was a top British schoolboy rider on 65s and 85s. He finished third in the series on a 65 and was lying third in the 85s ready to challenge for the title when he broke his wrist. He has since been concentrating on racing at home as he adapts to the big bike but at 16 he is ready to take the next step back to England and maybe even further afield into Europe if he gets the opportunity and the right guidance.

MX Vice spoke with the talented teenager and found out that Jason Meara is a kid in a hurry. Currently riding on raw talent and a bucket load of determination, Jason is determined to take the next step to go professional and he wants to get there as fast as he can!

After scoring good points at Desertmartin in MX2 are you doing the rest of the British championship?

I am doing the remaining two rounds of the British Championship. Alan Magee is taking me over and he has been a brilliant help as well as Gary Magee who helps me on the weekends with the bike.

What are your goals for the remaining two rounds?

At Desertmartin I had an advantage because I knew the track but going to England is a new challenge which I enjoy and I want to run inside the points in all three motos.

At Desertmartin you were running a similar pace to Adam Sterry and Ben Watson, you obviously have a similar talent level so does it frustrate you that they are getting to ride the EMX2 series in professionally run teams and gaining experience while you are still unknown at that level?

Oh yea for sure and if I had the opportunity to do even one European race it would be brilliant. The British Championship is bringing me on as well. It was good to run with Sterry and Watson at Desertmartin because they have a lot of help behind them and they are on really good machinery so it is definitely good to be running with them boys.

Have you had much help with riding techniques and training growing up?

No, I just train on my own. I try to get bike time but it is not easy with school. I have always just trained by myself but I watch others and watch the professionals ride and put that into my own riding style and change it up a bit.

Guys from Northern Ireland and even in GB generally tend to struggle to live abroad in Europe but if the opportunity came to move to England or even Belgium and live there to further your racing would you be willing to take that step?

Oh yea for sure I would love to that. Living in Belgium beside Lommel is why them boys get so fast but unfortunately we haven’t got practice tracks like that over here. If I had that opportunity to live in Belgium I would grab it and run!

You only turned 16 in April but I guess you have the next two years or so to try and really make it. How much are you putting into now to do that?

I’m still young yet but I want be pro, for sure that is where I want to be. It is a dream to be in a professional team and have the opportunity to do it full time. That would be awesome. I am 100% committed and if I had the opportunity to do that I would grab it and run with it.

I want to thank Alan Magee for his help in the second half of the season as well as One Industries clothing, Risk Racing, Polisport, Pirelli tyres, Yoshimura exhaust, MB1 Suspension, Alpine MX.

Article by Jonathan McCready

Picture by Nigel McKinstry

MX Vice Editor || 25

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