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Oakleaf Kawasaki – Red Bull Pro Nationals

The Oakleaf Kawasaki Team made their way down to Landrake, Cornwall for the first round of the
Redbull Pro Nationals of 2013.

On Saturday Morning the Riders woke up to a sunny Landrake, the track was in superb condition ready for the Qualifying to get underway

In the pros MX2 Rider Jake Millward had a time of 2:01.889 qualifying in 13th Place, With MX1 Shane Carless qualifying in 12th with a time of 2:00.555.

Shane had a good start for Moto 1 in middle pack, by third lap Shane was pushing through the pack, riding consistent throughout and trying to make a pass on Ramon but pushing to hard to get past on one of the drop offs after the rhythm section Carless hit the deck pushing him back , by the end of the race Shane was in Tenth place with a time of 2:04.8 with a Two second time gap from Nez Parker.

Saturday was done and time was takin to reflect on silly mistakes again and time to chill ready for Sunday’s racesSunday was another bright morning and time for Moto 2 Shane started off good in a decent position off the start, battling through the pack but unfortunately Shane crashed just before the small table top and hurt himself which lost him places and caused a DNF for race 2, it was confirmed he had broken his finger but this wasn’t to stop Shane from pulling out !

Moto 3 and some pain killers required and battling a wet track as the rain fell Shane went good with a decent start putting him middle pack, by lap Three Shane had gained a few places up into top Ten, near the end of the race Shane managed to move two more places up into Eighth position, Last lap Shane went passed finish flag in a good Eighth Place. After good races and bad races Shane ended the meeting with Twelfth place in the championship standings.

Jake Millward’s First race in the Redbull pros after moving up from the Rookie class for 2013 started off good having good consistent speed but as the race got to the half way point and collision with Doren Coutts meant Jake lost a few places ending up with Thirteenth place in MX2. 

Moto 2 Jake had a decent start , Jake had a good consistent pace battling throughout the race, moving up and down positions throughout the whole race, by the end of the race Jake finished the race with Thirteenth place ahead of Stephen Sword.
Moto 3 Jake Had a average start in mid pack, throughout the race Jake was battling through moving up places, by lap Six Jake had got himself in a decent Ninth place with conditions deteriorating as the rain came in his lap times had changed to 02:12.2 as the track started to get tough , his RedBull pro national debut over meant Jake ended the meeting with Twelfth in the championship standings.

Words & Photos By Jemma Mx Photos

MX Vice Editor || 25

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