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Oakleaf Kawasaki – Maxxis British Championship Round 3, Lyng Norfolk.

The Oakleaf Kawasaki Race Team made their way up to Cadders Hill, Lyng, Norfolk for the third round of the Maxxis British Championship. The sun was shining throughout the whole weekend.

On Sunday morning riders woke up to a sunny Lyng, The track was in prime condition ready for the qualifying to get underway at 9:15am. MX2 rider Jake Millward qualified in Sixteenth with Shane Carless qualifying in Seventh place taking him in to superpole and finally qualifying 10th amongst the likes of Searle,Leok,karro, Barragan, Dougan,fresh from the GP at Valkensward in the MX1, While Gradie Featherstone qualified in Twenty-Second.

With a not so good qualifying for Gradie Moto1 for MXY2 got underway at 1:37pm, he had a good start in the top 15 and was in 8th after the first lap he was putting in the Fastest lap times of the race with consistant speed throughout , he caught 2nd place rider Putnam but armpump was to stop him passing after working so hard to come through on what was now a rough track ending the race with a good 3rd, Moto2 Gradie was mid-pack off the start and again after the first lap in Eighth, the next few laps he pushed up to Sixth place, but in lap four putting a pass on 5th off one of the steep drop offs he unfortunately collided with the rider and had to remount ,he lost a few positions dropping back down two places ending the race with a decent 8th in moto 2 Gradie went home with Fifth Overall at Lyng, placing him in 9th in the Championship Standings Three points difference from Eighth place and in high spirits for the next round

Jake didn’t have luck on his side this weekend Race One Jake started the race off in Eighteenth by lap Four he had worked his way up Three places up to Sixteenth the next lap he had a few problems dropping down Twenty-Sixth, the rest of the race he had to push himself up higher, by the end of the race he managed to get up to a decent Twenty-Third and scoring no points . The Next Race got underway at 2:15pm Jake started the race in Twenty-Second, he rode consistant throughout the rest of the race getting Eighteenth in Moto 2 scoring points . The Last Race of the day for MX2 Jake worked his way through the pack getting himself into Sixteenth, Near the end of the race Jake had more problems dropping down to Twenty-Second. The last few laps he managed to get up one position getting himself 20th and again scoring points . Hopefully luck will be on his side for the Next Round Of The Maxxis at Milton Malsor.

Shane Carless had a good start to the day with the 10th fastest time in Qualifying with a time of 2:07.343, Race One commenced at 12:54am Shane was in Fifteenth from the start and each lap he went a few places up into Twelfth, Shane had a crash and hurt his leg & Hand half way through the race losing places ending up in Twenty-Second, he finished the race in Twenty-First and the injury was to cause him problems for the rest of the day . Moto2 was a bit better for shane as he braved his injury and got round the first lap in Thirteenth position riding consistent getting higher up, by lap Eight he had got him into a good Eleventh spot, on the last few laps he had bad luck losing some more places and dropped down to Sixteenth in Moto 2 but scoring points . The Last Race didn’t go too good for Shane trying to bare the pain of the problems caused in moto1 was to much and crossed the line 30th .

Team Manager Shaun Anthony ; what started off to be a promising day ended in disaster there were too many mistakes made and the overalls didn’t reflect the caliber of riders at all both Jake and Shane no there worthy of much better results and now being 2RD’s in to the championship there’s no room for anymore mistakes , The Team can only do so much , once the gate drops its down to the rider to perform! 1 highlight was Mxy2 rider Gradie Featherstone, The 15y old in his debut rookie season showed some great speed lets hope he can take it to the next round a real promising young talent.

Gradie Featherstone: “In the first Moto I gated around 10th place and made some quick passes in to the top 5 I kept pushing and made the passes in to 3rd position and held that to the flag! In Moto two I got another bad start around 20th and pulled though the pack. around half way point i made the pass on Rob Davidson and Mathew Callaghan in to 4th and as I was making to pass on 3rd I went down and ended up finishing in 8th.”

Round 1 of the Redbull Pro Nationals is the 20th – 21st April at Landrake, Saltash, Cornwall.

Next Round of Maxxis British Championship is 12th May At Milton Mx Park, Northampton.

Words & Photos By Jemma Lavender

MX Vice Editor || 25

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