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Oakleaf Kawasaki – Langrish MXY2 race report

August Bank Holiday Monday saw the Oakleaf Kawasaki Team in action once again with Tommy Alba competing in the final round of this years British MXY2 championship.

With Tommy’s race season hampered by illness and injury he has only been scored points in 5 of the 8 races so far but still went into the last round inside the Top 10 and hopeful that a good result would see him end the season inside the Top 5, and the day started well as Tommy soon came to grips with the Traditional style circuit at Langrish in Hampshire, setting the 3rd fastest time in the MXY2 qualification session.

That was as good as the day was going to get though, as Tommy powered his Kawasaki up the start straight and into the 1st turn he was clipped by another rider and went down heavily, and whilst on the floor other riders had no choice but to go over him, after taking a few moments to recover, Tommy get back up and rejoined the race albeit almost a whole lap down. By the time Tommy came round to complete his opening lap he clipped a hay bail on the edge of the track and the plastic wrapping around it, now found its way around Tommy’s back wheel and back brake. He still continued to battle on, giving 110% effort as always but it was to no success as he eventually ended the race in 21st, missing a point by 1 place, although there was 1 positive to take from the race and that was that he still managed to set the 6th fastest lap time despite everything that went against him.

Knowing he still had good speed, Tommy went into Race 2 still confident of scoring some good points, but this one again turned into a race to forget as after a poor start Tommy was beginning to come through the pack, but a few laps in his front tooth was the victim of a wayward rock, despite in pain this wasn’t enough to stop Tommy. A few laps later on though his bike began to develop a mechanical problem and on lap 7 this did manage to stop Tommy as he was forced to pull out of the race.

Despite not scoring any points on the day, Tommy has still ended up 7th in the championship, after only scoring in 5 of the seasons 10 races, this included 2 race wins and 1 overall victory.


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