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Oakleaf Kawasaki @ Duns

Oakleaf Kawasaki crossed the Scotish border to the 4th round of the redbull pro nationals, held at the impressive Duns circuit.

Team spirits high were with Jake Millward back infront of the Rookie class ,the return of Tommy Alba from illness and Alex Snow’s good form of late.

Saturdays qualification took place with the rookies and it was Jake Millward that set the fastest lap with a 2:22.358 and over a second faster than the next competitor , Tommy Alba was to sit in 8th with a 2:27.077 putting both Oakleaf Kawasaki Rookies in top starting positions for the weekend .

Race 1 was to see Both Oakleaf riders in the top 10 off the start , Jake was to make his way to the front of the pack with true determination and take the win with Tommy battling hard and coming across the finish line in 6th

Race 2 saw another exciting start with Tommy and Jake both right there again aswell as the hard battling Ben Watson , Jordan Divall, Dan Thornhill and James Harrison but the other riders had nothing to Keep the high flying Jake Millward from gettting to the front again to take a well deserved victory against some tough up and coming competetors , unfortunatly for Tommy he was to score a DNF and it was apparent that after his enforced long break with illness , he had picked up a Bug mid week which was agravating his riding and for the Oakleaf kawasaki rider it was weekend over , Hopfully he can pull back to his talented self asap as the year has been rather disapointing up untill now with luck not being on his side.

Moto 3 and the chance for Millward to take his first 3 race Clean sweep of the saturdays racing, the pressure was on for him to show his maturity and ride a safe race to take the form into Sundays racing and he did just that he crossed the line with another victory and a end to a great days racing on a superb preped circuit by the RedBull crew.

Sunday was upon us and with Oakleaf kawasaki’s Alex Snow in a confident frame of mind with changes to the bike , it was time to put mx1 rider to the line for qualification , Steven Sword was to top the list with a 2:14.238 and alex was to push for a 8th, but with a second off 4th , every one was pleased that he had a good gate choice and his mind was set for race 1

The RedBull Pro Race 1 was off and it was Snow at the front , he was to keep good pace through the first few laps and was looking the quickest he had been all year , he was to cross the line in 5th for mx1 and the top kawasaki rider, much to the teams delight.

Race 2 was was another success  with Alex again at  the front with the bit between his teeth , the hard work and improvements had paid off by the team with him crossing the line for his best Red Bull Pro result of 2012 with a 4th and maybe with a extra lap he would of past 3rd but again the team putting the Oakleaf Kxf at the the front of the kawasaki Charge for the overall with a 5th and pushing upto 6th in the standings .The Bike is now worthy of the Podium its just down to Alex to reach that extra bit of determination to take that step up which he is now confident he can do with what the team has produced for him.

Back to the Rookie Charge for Jake Millward he was to complete Sundays racing with 2 more wins and the first Rookie of the year to make a clean sweep of races througout a Redbull series so far in 2012, this was another proud moment for the Team and for Jake , he now stands 59 points in front of second place and still holds on to the Redplate as he leads the series on the Oakleaf kawasaki 250F.

Jake Millward” The weekend couldnt of gone any better really, i’ve had five good starts ,been in the top three every time and i’ve managed to make the pass for the lead every time which is perfect , i’ve been riding really good and i’ve felt confident on the bike so i have no complaints – lets bring on the next round !!”

Images courtesy of Richard Blyth

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