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Oakleaf Kawasaki at Farleigh Castle

Maxxis British Championship Round 8.

Farleigh Castle, Somerset.

The Oakleaf Kawasaki boys headed to the historic Farleigh Castle circuit in, Bath, Somerset for the final round of the Maxxis ACU British Championship last weekend.
Despite still being without their second MX1 rider, Shane Carless, due to his shoulder injury, spirits were high and the track was looking prime after qualification.

In MX1, Alex Snow managed to secure his spot in the superpole event in 10th, and moved up to take 7th pick of the gate. In MX2, Jake Millward crept into the top 20 and qualified in 19th.

First out were the MX2 riders and Millward didn’t get an ideal start, but by the second lap he had moved up into 16th. He fought hard to maintain his position, but at the half way point Lewis Tombs found a way past and he began to get pressure from Luke Norris who slipped by on the last lap and Millward crossed the line in 19th.
A much better start for Millward in race two, and he rounded the first corner in 14th. Unfortunately a mistake dropped him down to 20th early on. He battled hard to regain some positions and managed to finish in 18th.
The final race was a disastrous start, down in 31st, he had a lot of work to do. He rode well and managed to climb all the way back up to 15th, but all the hard work was undone at the half way point when he dropped his KX250f and was relegated back to 26th. He pushed again and managed to climb into 22nd, taking 22nd overall and 20th in the championship.

The first race wasn’t great by Snows standards and he gated in 8th. He rode well all race and was running in 6th but a mistake on the final lap allowed Gert Krestinov by, and despite a valiant effort to pass on the last corner, Snow crossed the line in 7th.
A bad start in the second race had Snow in 11th but worked his way into 4th by the half way stage. With three laps to go he was battling with Krestinov, who managed to just get the advantage again and Snow finished in 5th.
The final race and snow didn’t get an ideal start again, but put the hammer down and moved from 8th to fourth on the first lap. He worked on closing the gap to Jonathon Barragan in third, and made his was past at the half way point then rode  consistently to finish in 3rd. He took 4th overall, just missing out on the podium by 5 points, and despite missing half of the rounds due to injury, he finished in 18th in the championship.

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