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Oakleaf Kawasaki Academy Press Release

With the Team having there own Academy it was time for both youth riders to make the step up to the bigger classes with Gradie Featherstone moving to the Rookie class and Tom hume to the BW85cc class

Race 1 Gradie Featherstone in his first rookie race had a awesome start in 2nd place staying with the top 3 and chasing more experienced rookie riders , Gradie was on a charge untill 1/2 way through the race disaster struck as he was passing the the pit board area the front end washed out on one of the off camber breaking bumps causing him to loose valuable positions which would make a big difference to his overall at the end of the day , after restarting the bike he made his way back to a disappointing 32nd

Gradie had a good Start again in Moto 2 after one lap he had got himself into a good Fourth position, by lap three Rob Davidson managed to get passed moving Gradie into Fifth, riding consistent through out the rest of the race, last lap of the race Gradie dropped it in the corner which lost him a place as Tom Neal got passed him, battling till the end ending the race with Sixth place and starting to realise the step of moving up to the bigger bike was tougher than expected

Moto 3 ,Gradie had a cracking start in Second to the first corner riding a consistent pace behind thornhill, James Harrison chasing Gradie battling hard and getting closer each time, Gradie looses the position and now into Third as James Passes him over by the finish line, Gradie had good speed, a few more laps in Rob Davidson makes a pass on Gradie putting him into Fourth, making a few mistakes Gradie settles for Sixth for Moto 3.

Day Two Race Four Gradie had a good start , by the third lap in Gradie was in Eighth, Moving up positions each time he had got himself into Fifth position half way through the race slowly getting through the pack, Tom Neal got passed Gradie putting Gradie into Sixth place, Battled all the way through the race went passed the finish flag in Sixth. The Last race of the meeting Gradie started in a good Fifth in lap one, Callaghan goes down and Gradie goes passed moving him up to Fourth he had pulled a good distance from Fifth place, Callaghan had catched up and managed to get passed Gradie putting him back into Fifth position, Gradie rode a consistent speed throughout the rest of the race finishing the last race in Sixth. After a good weekend Gradie went home with a Seventh place in the Championship standings with 150 points, with Three points difference from Sixth position and just missing the podium on his debut Rookie Race

Moto 1 Tom Hume
had a poor start as he made his first step into the Big Wheeled class for 2013 , the 12y old came round the first corner at the back as he had a problem on the gate which was to make hard work ahead , he pushed on and was coming through the pack at a fast rate but trying to hard created more mistakes and finally coming across the line in 21st , this was to only make Tom stronger for the rest of the weekend as he new his potential was not shown to all

Race 2 Tom had a good start in Eighth place on first lap, as the race got underway Tom was in a good Eighth. A few more laps in Dexter Douglas got passed Tom putting him into Ninth, Last few laps Tom was battling through the race, Tom lost a few places moving down to Twelfth, last lap and right on the finish line Brett Pocock got passed Tom moving him into Thirteenth , a lesson learnt not to stop racing until your over the line !!

Tom was Fourteenth off the start of moto 3, slowly pushing through the pack into Twelfth on the first lap, next few laps Tom moved up to Eleventh place and pushed hard to pass Michael Ellis going into Tenth place, Henry Siddiqui got passed Tom moving him into Eleventh place in race 3.
Day two race four Tom was Eleventh on the first lap showing consistent riding, got into Tenth but then started to drop down positions into Fourteenth, Tom crashed at the bottom of hill over the back which lost him places race four didn’t go his way, bad luck on his side ending the race in Thirty-Eighth as he had a puncture . Last race of the meeting Tom had a good start in Eighth after 2 laps, as the race went on Tom battled all way through near the end he dropped down to Tenth place, still riding a consistent good pace, last lap he lost a place finishing the race in a good Eleventh place. After good and bad races the weekend Tom is in Sixteenth place with 111 points with a gap difference of 8 points from Fifteenth position

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