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A combination of Ferries and Aeroplanes saw the Oakleaf Kawasaki Motocross Team head across the Irish Sea to Desertmartin in Northern Ireland for Round 5 of the British Motocross Championship.

With Tommy Alba still sidelined through illness and out of MXY2 action, the Team had Alex Snow competing in MX1 looking to improve on his 10th in the Championship standings, and Jake Millward and James Dodd looking to pick up some points in the MX2 races.

Alex’s day started well around the Sandy circuit as he set the 8th fastest lap time in timed practice before going on to better that in the Top 12 Superpole shootout, as he came away from that in 6th place.

Race 1 saw Alex get out the gate in 7th and he held the position for a couple of laps before dropping into 9th. Just after the halfway stage in the race Alex lost another place and it looked like he would go on to take 10th at the finish but on the last lap a crash up ahead took down 2 of his rivals and promoted him to 8th as his crossed the line.

Another top 10 start in race 2 saw Alex in 9th place early on before making a move on lap 5 to take 8th place. This one would prove to be a pretty uneventful race for Alex as he stayed in 8th all the way to the finish, coming home a few seconds behind 7th. Race 3 saw Alex get his worst start of the day as he came through the opening lap in 12th but he soon started to pick up places and after 6 laps he was up into 7th and riding solidly. He was now in the middle of a 4 man train of riders but as the time ticked down in the race Alex couldn’t quite manage to make a pass for 6th, leaving him to finish in 7th.

A solid day saw Alex take 7th overall, and he has now moved up into 8th in the MX1 championship, he is also now the leading Kawasaki mounted rider in the standings.

The Oakleaf MX2 charge saw Jake and James take roughly their usual qualifying positions with Jake taking 21st and James a little further back in 31st.

Race 1 saw Jake get around the opening lap in 22nd with James 2 places behind him. Jake started to pick up a few places and by the halfway point in the race he was up to 20th, James was suffering from contrasting fortunes though as a mistake had dropped him right down the order but he was starting to come back through getting back into the mid 20’s before his bike started to misfire forcing him out of the race. Jake was continuing his progress and picked up a couple more places as the race began to draw to a close to take 18th place at the finish.

Race 2 saw James get the better start this time out as he came round in 25th with Jake in 31st. Both riders went on to make mistakes on lap 2 leaving both of them outside of the top 30 and with work to do. With 2 laps to go, Jake managed to get himself up in to 27th with James not far behind in 30th and both riders picked up a couple more places at the death with Jake finishing 25th and James 28th.

A better start from Jake in Race 3 saw him lie 20th on the opening laps, whilst another early mistake from James saw him in dead last with plenty of work to do. Jake lost a few places on the next few laps and slipped to 24th before getting on the attack and retaking those positions.  James took a few laps to get back on the tail of the pack but once he did he started to climb the order as well, with the race now drawing to a close Jake got into 21st before a crash right near the end saw him finish 22nd, with James finishing 2 places behind in 24th after riding well to come through the field.

Jake’s 18th in race 1 was the only point scoring finish from both riders and the 3 points he received for that now leave him in 29th in the championship standing on 21, with James still yet to score.

Comments :-

Alex Snow – ‘Overall I’m quite happy with today, in the 1st race I took too long to get going and payed the price for that, ending up with having to play catch up. In the other 2 moto’s I felt pretty solid and the way through and ended the day with 3 consistent rides which is pleasing as this is what I have really been working on over the past 3 weeks. I’m looking forward now to pushing on and moving up into the top 5.

Jake Millward – ‘Today hasn’t been the best of days, 1st race I came through well and scored points so I’m happy with that, in the 2nd race I came off unfortunately but then came back well but finished outside of the points, then in the last one I was battling for points on the last lap but dropped it and ended up just outside of them. Its not been the best of days so bring on the next one!’

James Dodd– ‘Qualifying didn’t go so well, we had a few problems with the bike so changed a few things for the 1st race but it didn’t make any difference and I ended up bulling out of that one because the bike wasn’t right and it wasn’t safe to be out there with the big jumps how it was. Race 2 I got a decent start but got caught up in a crash and dropped back, but came back well for 27th, then in race 3 I crashed again early on but I felt like I was riding a lot better than I have in previous weeks and really pushed myself and ended up in 24th.’

Shaun Anthony (Team Boss) – I’m really pleased that the team are at a promising point this far into the season, the whole team have put in so much hard work and hopefully the success will be recognised for the better of the team.’

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