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No Luck For Knighter

After injuring his thumb and wrist in the GP of Spain the previous weekend, Honda rider David Knight decided to give the GP of Portugal a go in a bid to try and get some points. After flying to Manchester and seeing hand specialist Mike Hayton on Monday, to undergo X-rays and MRI scans, it was discovered there was minor ligament damage and soft tissue damage and bruising. Despite this he decided to give the race a go and hope it was possible to get a finish.

David started well on the Friday night Supertest and also on Saturday morning holding 4th position, all the time in pain and struggling to grip the handlebars. After 2 laps David decided, along with team manager Paul Edmondson, to pull in and not risk injuring himself further. It was disappointing for all but really the only option the team had.

David Knight:
Well it’s been very disappointing not to have been able to race properly due to my injury but I’m glad I tried as the race was very enjoyable to ride but it was very difficult for me to hold on with all the bumps and drop offs in the special tests. When the tests were slippery and slower in the weton Saturday morning, it was easier for me as I could hold on better. As they dried out and got faster, my hand kept coming off the bars and I had a couple of close calls, it was also really difficult to concentrate with the pain so after lap 2 the only option I had was to stop.

It’s very disappointing as I’m sure I’d have got a podium during the last 2 weeks if I’d been healthy but I’ll get back home now and do everything I can to be ready for Romania. I’m glad I tried to race but I wasn’t ready, a big thanks to hand specialist Mike Hayton for doing his best and getting my hand to where it is already in 1 week, also Paul, Nick and Rudy who all worked hard and did everything possible to make the race as easy for me as possible. It’s defiantly got me trying even harder for a podium now and hopefully we can have a little luck on our side. Thanks to all the sponsors also.

Just a quick message to everybody doing this years T.T, hope you all have a safe and successful fortnight.

Good luck everyone.


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