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News: Lommel Under Threat

Lommel, a circuit that is arguably the most iconic in Europe, is in danger. A political is attempting to restrict the amount of activity that goes on in the bottomless sand, in an effort to reduce noise pollution, but said restrictions would ultimately means the end of the road for Lommel. It’s been discussed that Lommel could be limited to just 20 riders each day, including all circuits, and bikes cannot be above 94 decibels. There has also been discussion about the track being open on less days and there being less track time when it is open.

“Politician Zuhal Demir wants new regulations to reduce the noise pollution at Lommel track. They gave us a choice to reduce the noise but if we have to follow the rules (only 20 riders a day on all tracks including kids, 94 decibel for the bikes, less track time , decibel control at the gate and on track, less days to ride etc) then it is not possible to keep the track alive. In other words, they are killing the track with their rules.”

The above is an extract from Lommel’s social media account. There is actually something that you, the fans, can do. On Zuhal Demir’s website, linked here, there is an option to send messages, so the circuit owners are urging everyone to head there and make the track’s prominence known. Rightfully, it has been pointed that abuse and name calling is not going to get us anywhere. A proper message explaining the benefits of Lommel track will help in the bid for progress. Share this link with everyone and get them all to send a message, the more the better.

This page will be updated if anything else happens at Lommel or if another way to help emerges. Fingers crossed.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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