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News: Ivan Tedesco

The inaugural ‘Moto Fite Klub’ event was a huge success on Tuesday night, even though one of the scheduled participants was missing. Ivan Tedesco was present for the chat around a fire pit on Monday evening, so made it to Ohio, but did not take to the track at all during the main programme. What happened? Tedesco revealed that he was hospitalised following a seizure in the following statement.

I want to let everyone know what happened to me this week and why I didn’t race MFK. First of all I would like to thank the medical staff at St. Elizabeth Boardman hospital in Ohio for attending to me the last couple of days. I suffered a seizure, which caused me to be hospitalised. The doctors think it was due to severe dehydration which led to complications such as having a seizure. This can happen because your blood volume is too low. The doctors ran many tests to include EEG, EKG and bloody tests which all came out normal. Thankfully I am fine and I really appreciate all the help and many prayers on my behalf.”

The first MFK event was won by Mike Alessi, who was flanked on the podium by Ryan Sipes and Ryan Villopoto. There are currently no official plans to run a second event.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Suzuki Racing


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