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News: 2021 MX Nationals UK

The MX Nationals UK series ran a bit of a news broadcast on social media on October 12, with important (and positive) information about the 2021 series. There was a lot of information in the five-minute video, but the key quotes have been extracted for your convenience below.

– “We will be back in 2021, with the live stream, but it’s free. The live stream is free for 2021, absolutely free.”

– “We are going to start with an Open 85cc class, then MXY1 and MXY2 (same as this season), a combined Clubman MX1 and MX2 class, a combined Amateur MX1 and MX2 class, Expert MX1 and MX2 (same as this year), plus the Fastest 40. The Fastest 40 is going to stay on the Sunday – we are still going to have the Fastest 40 racing. We are going to bring the pros in on the Saturday as well next year, and they are going to race alongside the Expert class. We will take 20 from each class (Expert MX1 and Pro MX1, then Expert MX2 and Pro MX2). You are going to get separate races on the Saturday, so you will be racing against the same capacity bike.”

– “We will hopefully be going to places like Canada Heights, Landrake, Desertmartin and hopefully Hawkstone Park as well. This is all to be confirmed. Dates (following) are subject to change: April 02/03, May 01/02, June 05/06, July 03/04, August 28/29 and September 25/26. Straight Rhythm will be back as well.”

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX


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