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New Signing: Seva Brylyakov

JWR Racing has finalised their effort for the 2021 FIM Motocross World Championship, and it’s a strong team! The second rider is certainly a welcome addition to the Grand Prix scene. Official communication is below.

Press Release

JWR Racing is proud to announce the rider line-up for 2021. The second rider to announce is Vsevolod Brylyakov. Seva will pilot the second Honda machine in the 2021 MXGP series for JWR Racing. Seva is no stranger to the team; we had him on our team during 2019 season and we know he trains hard and has not reached his full potential yet. We are super excited to have Seva on the team again; Seva has good experience from his years as a top rider in MX2 and is a rider that never gives up. 

The plan for 2021 is to go for top 10 places in the MXGP series with Vsevolod Brylyakov – he will also compete the Dutch championship during the year to prepare for MXGP. We are building a strong team for the future and want to work with rider who does not give up and has the speed, and we see that in Seva as we see with Miro as well. On top of this we will run two EMX Open riders in the two young promising riders from Sweden, Jeff Oxelmark and Maximilan Eriksson, who will also ride the Swedish championship for the team. 

Vsevolod Brylyakov: “I’m beyond excited to be riding for JWR Honda in the 2021 MXGP season. Riding with the team in 2019 was the achievement for me and I learnt a lot, I did not have my best season in my rookie MXGP year, but now I am older and wiser. I will do everything in my power to get back to my previous form when I was on the podium in the MX2 class. I will take full advantage of this opportunity.”

Johan Westermark (JWR Racing Team Owner): “We have the team that we want know. We had a plan with Seva already last year, but due to COVID-19 it did not happen. Now we are loaded with a strong squad – he works hard and gives it his best. I know he can ride a bike and has showed very good speed before. If you have been on an MX2 podium then you have it, and we want to work with speed. Seva will be an asset for the team and good training partner to Miro also. Now we can look ahead and focus on 2021 and then prepare for 2022 for the next chapter for JWR Racing.

Tonny Govers (Team Manager): He is back! The Russian bear is a rider that we like and believe in. We hope we can take him back to his MX2 podium speed – we will help him and give him everything he needs to succeed both mentally and physically. The new Honda CRF450R will be a perfect match for Seva; a strong and easy bike to ride.

Patrik Erlandsson (Marketing Co-Ordinator): “The rider line-up is done and we are happy. We believe in the new CRF450R bike, a brand-new bike with a lot of potential. Look out for Seva in the new JWR-TV show – a groundbreaking new media exposure that JWR will launch during 2021. Team JWR is ready for the 2021 MXGP series. I would also like to say thank you to our loyal sponsors who will support us again in 2021 and make things possible for the team and our riders!”

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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