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Press Release.

MX Vice has been operating as a part of Pierce since its buyout in May 2018. In that time the MX Vice site has grown significantly and been rolled out into the German, Italian and Spanish markets. There is now an infrastructure to offer our content in native languages to other countries. The MX Vice team has at the same time been part of creating content for 24MX. Pierce is now looking to focus more on product-related content for its customers.

With the businesses moving in different directions an opportunity arose for the buy back of MX Vice and founder James Burfield has taken up the option. This will enable MX Vice to move forward in increasing its presence in the racing scene, whilst Pierce AB continues to grow the content on 24MX with their own in-house team.

As of November 5th 2019, MX Vice will become an independent company again. The MX Vice team will continue to operate as normal, with ownership of the MX Vice complex that includes podcast and video studios.

James Burfield (Founder of MX Vice): “The past 18 months have been an incredible learning experience and I have managed to gain a lot more knowledge in other parts of the off-road industry and e-commerce in general. My skills, knowledge and experience have been scaled beyond anything I could have wished for and I’m looking forward to taking MX Vice forward with the rest of my team.”

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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