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New Deal: Leatt and MCR

Leatt continue to take steps forward in the world of motocross, as a new multi-year deal with Smartop Bullfrog Spas MotoConcepts Honda has been announced. Official communication is below.

Press Release

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, [13 Jan 2021] – Global moto and MTB gear brand, Leatt announced the extension of their successful partnership with Smartop Bullfrog Spas Moto Concepts Honda sealing a multi-year deal with the talented racing team. 

The Team

With an impressive roster for 2021, MCR will support new members Shane McElrath, Broc Tickle and Benny Bloss (with the continuation of Vince Friese) as they compete in the elite 450SX class of the Monster Energy Supercross series. 

With a remarkable resume, Shane McElrath brings exceptional knowledge as a consistent top-contender as he enters his rookie 450 season. 

A veteran of the class, Broc Tickle has the skills and shows the speed and abilities to battle with the best of the sport. 

Benny Bloss shows extraordinary technique and strength as he continues to propel forward in the stacked 450SX class. 

Also returning to the team in 2021 is Vince Friese. With his ample experience of starts, Friese will continue to be an asset to the Moto Concepts Racing Team.




The Gear

Leatt is proud to be the official head-to-toe sponsor of the Moto Concepts Racing Team. MCR athletes will be dressed in Leatt’s NEW 9.5 Carbon and 8.5 Composite Helmets, 6.5 Bulletproof Velocity Goggles, 5.5 Ultraweld Gear and 5.5 FlexLock Boots. 

Team riders with this level of experience and skill offer valuable insight into new Leatt products, forming a vital part of the development and testing process. The abilities of the team will help Leatt continue to improve future products, turning them into the ultimate race-winning kit.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Supplied


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