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Nationals, Cups and Politics!

In recent weeks, calendar clashes and angry people have dominated the headlines in the UK. At the moment, we have three major youth domestic championships, and three huge adult championships with the Scott Nationals, Offroad and Phoenix Tools also providing amateur rounds.

No one is happy, and I mean no one. I would like to get people to think a little bit differently about the situation that is in front of us. I am constantly being told that motocross is dead; it is all I have heard for the past three years. However, if motocross was dying, MX Vice would not have even been born, let alone thriving like it is now! What about this: Motocross is growing, and evolving in the UK. The reason we have some major championships is because the sport is growing, and new series are beginning to exist, because people want more for their money, and they want choice.

Think about it in shopping terms. Do we just need Tesco for us people that are on a lower income, and Waitrose for the rich ones? Is every other supermarket causing confusion, and stretching shopping to the limit? No. The reason we have Sainsburys, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi, and Marks and Spencer is because people want choice.

Unfortunately, one series does not fit all. I have seen some bashing of a series from our rival website, which I find quite unprofessional, as a media company we are supposed to remain unbiased, present the facts and let the people decide. Well, that is what we believe is the right thing to do. The thing is, we are in a recession and people are more cost conscious; they will ultimately choose with their feet. If a series benefits them, because it offers good value, then why should there not be a new series, or even a new motocross media outlet?

At the end of the day, the more people on bikes, the better. If the people coming into the sport are pushing it in the right direction and helping the sport evolve and grow, then what is wrong with that?

One observation from stepping over to the other side of the fence is that people are so hell bent on protecting their little bit of motocross real estate that they fail to see the bigger picture. The people moaning are usually the ones who have something to lose.

You have a choice, and quite rightly so. You are voting with your feet. Is there room for another youth series? Well, at the end of the day if you have enough people that believe in what you are trying to achieve then anything is possible!

In my three years on the other side of the fence (I am still a fan by the way) I have discovered that British Motocross will not move forward, because you have twenty influential people who are trying to do their own thing. But, that is the same as everything in life, whether it is supermarkets, politics, brands, clothing or motocross! Variety exists, because we are all so different.

You have to evolve or die, and ultimately there will be some casualties along the way – UK Motocross is evolving.

Words by James Burfield

Image courtesy of Elliot Spencer

MX Vice Editor || 25

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