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Natalie Kane: Breaking The Streak!

Chiara Fontanesi’s unbeaten run is over! Natalie Kane finally achieved what she wanted to do all year and win a GP, and she couldn’t have picked a better place to do it.

In front of her friends, family and home supporters Natalie grabbed the second race holeshot on her HM Plant KTM and ran away with the victory. It was an emotional moment for the genuinely ecstatic Kane who couldn’t quite believe she had finally done it.

We talked with the smiling Kane as she came back from being on the top step of the podium to get her thoughts on finally winning a dry GP after all the years of injury and effort to get there.

You finally broke the streak! It must feel great especially to do it here?

I finally broke it. it felt like a long time coming, it was good to do it here with so many family and friends. It’s the British GP so it’s like a home GP for me.

The crowd were cheering you on round the last couple of laps could you feel the support?

I felt the pressure a bit on myself. I knew I could do it here because it is my sort of track. It is not just slick blue groove it is proper motocross. It shows who’s the fittest and strongest and stuff. I actually got really bad arm pump in the last few laps so I had to slow it down and regroup again. But with the crowd behind me I knew I had to keep going.

Going back the first race Fontanesi was first and you were second what happened there?

I got the holeshot there and we battled back and forth for a couple of laps, then I overshot the fourth corner and it took a few laps to regroup. I pumped up and was worrying were third was and Chiara got the gap. The gap stayed the same and I settled for second.

Did you believe you could win the second moto or was there doubts starting to creep in if you could beat her?

There wasn’t doubts, but obviously I hadn’t won in dry conditions. I won last year in the wet, but there has always been a problem with injury or something. But obviously you are nervous but you have to believe in yourself. When i was in the lead I was looking back to see where she was but then I relaxed and told myself I could do it and relax.

When you got the holeshot where you like…‘this is my chance’!

Yeah! When I got the holeshot I was just like… ‘this is all or nothing these first four laps’!

You pulled out a good lead and she didn’t really close on you.

No she closed a bit but then I pulled back out and she seemed to lose her rhythm. I think she was over trying. Megan got her back and in the last two laps I cased both doubles. I don’t know what happened to me or how I managed to hit every bump but I knew I had no speed to get the jump so I was a bit worried.  But I seen I still had the gap because I could see my pit board. I knew I didn’t have to push on the last lap and just keep it on two wheels.

Where you nervous on the last lap?

The last lap I was more nervous than I was the whole race! I was just thinking ‘come on, just get to the finish line.’

After her winning all the time but you knowing deep down that you could beat her if you got a start, do you feel you have justified your own self belief?

Yeah I always believed I was just as fast as everyone and with the right start and everything going right I could win just as much as anyone else can. It’s good to win to prove a lot of people wrong who said I was unfit and stuff. Ok we didn’t battle the whole race but when she starting closing the gap aI pulled it out again.

Do you know what you are doing next year bike wise or anything?

I don’t have a clue. I will speak to Roger first and see but obviously it is hard for the men nevermind the women so I will just have to see.

I just want to thank Roger Magee, Scorpion, One Industries and everyone that has supported me and stuck by me through the injuries, it has finally paid off!

Article by Jonathan McCready

Picture by Elliot Spencer

MX Vice Editor || 25

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