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Nagl is fired up for Portugal

Honda World Motocross rider Max Nagl is looking forward to racing in Agueda, Portugal this weekend for round six of the MX1 World Championship where he will be aiming for results closer to the front following a double win in his national series just under one week ago.

Following a challenging weekend in Bulgaria nearly two weeks’ ago where Nagl went 6-11 for ninth overall, the German racer headed home for his national series, where he went 1-1 on slightly sandy but technical ground, which has given him more confidence. This week the Honda pilot has practiced on ground similar to that in Agueda, and he’s aiming for top five positions with the hope of being in touch of a podium finish.

Teammate Evgeny Bobryshev has had a tough few weeks. A leg injury sustained in training has seen him miss two Grand Prix events, and although he will be flying to Portugal this weekend with the aim of taking part, it won’t be easy. The Russian star has ridden this week, but the pain levels are still high and he is looking to try and make it through the weekend to pick up as many points as possible without causing further damage to his injured leg.

Max Nagl #12:

“For me the last round in Bulgaria is really in the past, because it wasn’t so good and I didn’t ride well. Last weekend I raced in Germany on a really difficult, technical track and my riding was much better. I won both heats; the first quite easily, but the second one was more difficult because of a bad start, which is something we’ve been working on since. It was a sandy race and very technical, so it was good preparation for Portugal. I had some good training on Wednesday in Holland and yesterday on a hard track in Genk with similar conditions to Portugal, so we’re ready to go again. The track there is nice, but I think it will be quite rough, as there are four classes across the weekend. The forecast is good, so I think it will be a good GP again and I’m looking forward to it. I need to ride better than in Bulgaria, so good starts and a top five finish is the goal for me.”

Evgeny Bobryshev #777:

“There’s not really a lot I can say towards the weekend, as I’m not sure how much I can expect. We’ve done lots of therapy with my leg and it’s been incredibly frustrating to be home on the sofa when everyone else is racing, but that’s motocross sometimes. I did ride this week and it was painful, but we’re optimistic for the weekend and I will go there to try on Saturday to see how things are with the leg to decide if we can competitively race.”


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