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MX Vice Travel Mug in the hands of a celebrity!

We’re not going to lie, 2013 has been a pretty epic year for everyone involved at MX Vice. We’ve had some great coverage over the past year and reached all around the world, what we did not anticipate is MX Vice finding its way to deepest Derbyshire with the one and only…Angry Gardener!

We were given this fantastic picture of the Angry Gardener taking a ‘small break’ from tasks to have his picture taken with his ‘fresh brew’ in his cup.

For those of you who have not witnessed the Angry Gardener here are a few links to the legend (Parental Advisory 🙂 ) –

Be like the Angry Gardener and buy your own MX Vice Travel Mug, 50 up for grabs once they are gone, they are gone. £5 + 50p P&P secures your mug.

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