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MX Vice @ Portsmouth Motocross Club

Sunday 5th August, part of MX Vice travelled to Cusses Gorse (Winterbourne Gunner) to attend a round by Portsmouth Motocross Club. Tipped off to us by Kurt Freeguard, Ross Keyworth, Jansen Day and James Burfield travelled down through the rain to the sunny skies of Boscombe Down.. We knew the track well, but we didn’t know the club. In attendance was the Joel Peet, Stu Chivers, Kurt Freeguard, Adie Rice, Kurt M. Freegard, Lauren Mcintyre, Christopher Norris, Becky Mills, Michael Rusty Wardell from LIFELONG Clothing, all friends of MX Vice.

After rolling up at 8.30, it was a quick setup, sign on and scrutineering…. Checked out the Pit Area and there was a snack van (Phew..), Eastleigh Motocross Parts Van and Click 466 providing onsite photography.

The club is very friendly, everyone says hello, its pretty cool and you feel right at home. The blocks, classes were run on time, you really couldn’t pick any faults from start to finish.

If you’re an adult novice they have a great group there for you to race in without worrying about people landing on your head who are twice the speed of you. Unfortunately I booked late and the group was full so Joel Peet and myself had to race with the experts, oh dear. It was cool though.

Ross Keyworth won all 3 races, Jansen did well with 3 top 5 positions and the rest of the LIFELONG crew did really well too, with Kurt, Adie and Stu all finishing in the top 10. Joel and myself had some great battles in our own race at the back.

Because of no BSMA licence and non members it was £50 to ride for the day, but no need for us to marshall. I have to say, great day, perfect conditions and a great club.

Pics by Ian Dutton


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