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MX Vice: Patreon launched

We are always looking for ways to go forward and, being an independent company, it’s always difficult to keep pushing forward without having the financial muscle. On a plus side, not being part of a large company enables us to be agile and try new ways to carry on developing the business and try new features.

There are now three members of MX Vice paid full-time and three who work voluntarily part time and support when they can, something we think is pretty impressive when measured against other publishing companies. Some of you may be shocked by how small we actually are but, thanks to all 250,000 of you, we have a great audience to talk to.  

There is a lot we want to to do, but like most businesses we are dictated by our commercial model. We’d love our own weekly podcast show, TV channel and to be able to provide the most comprehensive live update experience from an app, but this all costs in monetary and resource (time). So, rather that wait for advertisers to get on board, we want to start driving projects forward ourselves. This is where something called Patreon comes in, it is a service specifically for people creating content and being supported by their community.

So, over the next few months there will be some changes to MX Vice and new features, but these will be available to our members. Everyone who visits the site now daily and from our vast social following will still access the same great content as you always have done, there will be no changes or sacrifices made to everyone who has supported MX Vice by visiting and talking about us since day one. What we intend to do is offer a premium experience for our members who go above and beyond what we currently have, for a very small monthly fee ($1).

On that note let’s break it down.

What you currently have for free on MX Vice and will do forever:

– Great content daily.
– Awesome MXGP coverage from every round.
– Interviews from riders and industry.
– MX Manager.
– Videos from the big championships.
– Race reports.
– New product releases.
– A youth and amateur section.

It is looking good, right? Nothing is being taken away, you are going to get everything for free just like you have done since day one and our advertisers support us in producing this content.

What we are going to offer for $1 a month to our premium members:

– Access to all ‘Premium Content’ on the website.
– Enhanced articles that offer great photography and behind the scenes info.
– Our own MX Vice lifestyle and raw videos from MXGP events and private track days.
– Be the first to have your own account on MX Vice, personalise your content and read about your favourite riders. (April 2018)
– Members Forum. Do you miss MXTrax? Well, we are bringing in our own version back minus the spam and trolls.
– Notifications. Don’t miss out on breaking news or transfer deadlines on MX Manager, a notification will drop on your phone as soon as the news does.

For less than a pound a month (if you’re in the UK and depending on currency exchange), you can get all the features above for less than a cup of coffee at your local snack van. The more supporters we can get on board the more videos, the more articles and the more offers we can get to you.

Now for those who are looking forward to MX Manager in 2018 and the amazing prizes we have on board, you might want to take a look at this next package. One of the frustrations for many people this year was lack of transfers and only being able to transfer one rider ahead of each round. This package is for you and could be the difference to you picking up a whole set of kit at the end of each round or a new helmet.

You get the following for $4:

– Everything in the $1 package above.
– MX Manager unlimited transfers.
– Listen to our MXGP podcasts before they go public after racing finishes at MXGP.
– Access to our app (May 2018), including live updates play-by-play from events and behind the scenes information.
– Get the latest insights on what is happening at MX Vice first and help Beta test every new feature on the website.
– Discounts and offers from our partners to exclusive deals that have not been available before.
– Live rider Q&As streamed.

There is another package available if you are interested in receiving a new t-shirt, patch and stickers each month and we also have targets to reach for us to start producing our own podcast show and TV channel.

If you love what we do as an independent company then now you have the opportunity to support our work by offering a small donation each month for us to further improve what we do and bring you a more enhanced user experience about your favourite sport.

Words: James Burfield | Lead Image: ConwayMX

MX Vice Editor || 25