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MX Vice Nations Tee’s

With 2 articles a day, photo comps, new website, printed magazine we have genuinely exhausted all our time and have produced just the one design on one colour tee-shirt, navy blue. In a way we are pleased, as the design by Jon @ Burfield is pretty awesome.

This is not any T-Shirt and it comes with great responsibility.  To purchase one below you will need to do the following:

1. Party like a Rockstar at Team GB getting a podium

2. Party like a Rockstar either way

3. Scream at the track or TV in support, while wearing one.

4. Wear it with pride

5. This T-Shirt will also give you access to any Team Wales and TROAT (Trickest Riders of all time) Party anywhere in the campsite in Germany (We’ve been to those parties and it might be worth taking a miss, if you want to watch the racing on Sunday!). probably best you just go with 1-4 above.

You will be pleased to know that we are only interested in seeing these everywhere and to do so we’re keeping the price at £9 (£1 Postage on top) so for £10 its a recession winner.

The only other thing to know is there will be 100 shirts printed for the website and a further 100 shirts available to buy at the event from Bob @ Matt Gardiner stand. Thats it, once they are gone they are gone.

Delivery for the Tee Shirt will be from Friday 20th onwards.



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