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MX Vice Magazine: Coming Wednesday!

So, it has been no secret that we have been working hard on producing the UK’s first free motocross magazine. Our aim was to deliver the first free print and digital mag, offer our loyal following fresh issues bi-monthly and team up with both RaceFX and Talon to help us distribute them.

However, behind the scenes it has been very frustrating. We have unfortunately been let down twice; the first time we had a few people pull out, but we managed to fill them. Then, a day before we were meant to go to print we had another two people pull out, which obviously chucked a spanner in the works. No one can be blamed, this is just business and it’s extremely hard out there. Everyone’s budgets have been squeezed, small businesses are making every pound count, and inadvertently we found ourself failing by just £800. But, we gave it our best shot, and only being a small business ourselves (with three full time staff) we are not in the position to bank roll the magazine.

So, rather than get all depressed we’re going to do what we always do – build it slowly from nothing. We’ve got a pretty good handle on this digital stuff, so what we intend to do is roll out a digital monthly magazine. The first one will be available on Wednesday this week for download/view on your iPad, laptop/desktop, mobile etc. It will be the magazine that we intended to go to print.

Then every month we will produce a free digital magazine (consisting of over one-hundred pages) packed with coverage of racing from all over the world, whether it be pro, youth or amateur – we aim to deliver everything that you want to read about!

We are going to build it from there and see how far we can take it. If it works, and everyone digs it, then maybe we go to print in November (if the money to run it is there). If not, we’ll keep doing what we do.

So, as always we need you. We need your support to spread the news, and together let’s see how far we can take this. Last time we asked you that the answer you gave us was 100,000 visitors a month and 100,000 social followers!

We will do our best to produce a magazine that becomes very addictive!

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