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MX Vice is growing :-)

Great news for UK Motocross Fans, Uk Motocross Businesses, Brands, Pro’s, Teams and everyone else who is involved in Motocross. We’re on track to becoming the BIGGEST and BEST Motocross Resource in the UK. Remember we’ve only just started.. There is much more to come from the the MX Vice team.

MX Vice is growing and with that so is UK Motocross. In the past 6 days we’ve brought in over 3,400 people to the site, which isn’t bad for a start up.

The above is taken from our Google Analytics account, we’re happy to share our information with UK Motocross businesses etc to prove how much of an impact we’re making.

We have more stats for you to view, including Location of users and also what they like to look at.


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