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MX Vice Competition

Competition time at MX Vice!

So much has gone on this year it really is hard to keep up! Former British and World Motocross Rider Jeff Perrett was the first all star signing, Jeff became full time Editor and Chief. Ty Kellett joined the team in March as full time Videographer and was quickly followed by Kelly Darlington who presents the MX Vice videos. James Burfield (general dogsbody) and Mark Turner (photographer) chip in with site updates.

We’ve had a lot of fun so far this year with MX Manager and most recently with the MX Vice Forum. MX Manager has over 340 people participating, each person was given £200,000 budget to buy 3 x MX1 riders, 3 x MX2 riders, a team and a manufacturer. The winner with the most points each round took home the grand prize of £100!

We’ve now managed to attract just over 15,000 visitors to the site in the past 30 days which goes to show how many people have joined in with the MX Vice Revolution. To encourage more people into the forums to talk about Motocross, Tracks, Riders, Trends, whats going on etc we have a fantastic competition and an awesome prize.

Check this out….A signed MX Vice tee by Ricky Carmichael, Jeff Stanton, Jamie Dobb and Tommy Searle.

How about that? Well you’re probably wondering what you need to do to get your hands on it… Here is how!

First you will need to do the following:

Our resident Social Media guru Chrissy will verify the above has been completed. Then well its up to you.. We’re looking for people to help spread the word, this could be asking all your friends to sign up, telling your race club about us and so on…

The judges of the competition will go through what each person has done and we’ll choose a worthy winner.

Competition starts now!


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