World Championship (MXGP)
Fantasy MX Manager Guide

Welcome to MX Manager on MX Vice, the only fantasy game based around the FIM Motocross World Championship!

How does the game work?

Users can select the following, in order to achieve the highest amount of points possible. However, crucially, you do not have to fill all slots. A budget of €1,200,000 will be given to each user to choose their team. No team has an endless budget!

  • 2x MXGP Riders
  • 2x MX2 Riders
  • 1x Team
  • 1x Manufacturer

Users can transfer one rider per round. Once you pick your team and/or manufacturer, you are unable to change this throughout the year (unless you purchase that VIP package). Choose wisely! Transfers can be made until free practice begins at each Grand Prix.

How do the points work?

There are two races for the MXGP and MX2 classes, then one qualifying heat for each. All of those are taken into account when tallying up the points. Points are awarded based on the points that the riders actually acquire in each race. Qualifying points are additional, as are the ones for your manufacturer and team. Team and manufacturer points are awarded based on the position a rider gains in the overall classification.

Points in MXGP/MX2 races. MXGP/MX2 qualifying points. Points for each rider on your chosen team. Points for each rider on your chosen manufacturer.
1st - 251st - 101st - 101st - 10
2nd - 222nd - 92nd - 92nd - 9
3rd - 203rd - 83rd - 83rd - 8
4th - 184th - 74th - 74th - 7
5th - 165th - 65th - 65th - 6
6th - 156th - 56th - 56th - 5
7th - 147th - 47th - 47th - 4
8th - 138th - 38th - 38th - 3
9th - 129th - 29th - 29th - 2
10th - 1110th - 110th - 110th - 1
11th - 10
12th - 9
13th - 8
14th - 7
15th - 6
16th - 5
17th - 4
18th - 3
19th - 2
20th - 1

There are additional points awarded for the following: Five points will go to the rider who has the fastest lap time in time practice in each practice. The MX Vice hard charger (based on the number of positions gained over both motos on race day) will get twenty-five points. Five points will go to the riders who grab holeshots in MX2 moto one, MX1 moto one, MX2 moto two or MX1 moto two.

How many rounds are there?

There are twenty rounds in the Motocross World Championship. All of these will be taken into account on MX Vice MX Manager.

How are the riders priced?

Each rider is given a cost based on how they have performed in past seasons or are likely to perform over the next twelve months. Shaun Simpson may be €300,000, whereas Jeffrey Herlings is €600,000.

How is the team selected?

Each user gets to select a team that they feel will perform the best. If you select Red Bull KTM as your team, you will then get points for however many riders they have in the top ten overall. If Antonio Cairoli finishes first overall, you’ll be given ten points. What if he finishes tenth overall? You’ll be given a single point. You do not have to pick a team though.

How do the manufacturer standings work?

Like the team points, each manufacturer gets awarded points for every position that they occupy in the top ten. What if KTM have riders in first, fourth, seventh and eighth overall? They will get ten, seven, four and three points respectively.