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A lot of people have been asking whats the points are so they can change their strategies. Please have a look at the points below and leave us any feedback on how we can improve.

What are people’s thoughts about people picking their team fresh for the next round? Jeff Perrett Ty Kellett Mark Turner Kelly Darlington and Ian Dutton have mixed thoughts…

We were thinking that the first event was a trial run, which we believe was a great success and a lot of fun!

We’d like to change the prices and points to make the competition a little harder and more strategic… Once you’d pick the team for Round four you would only be aloud one rider change per round.

What is everyone’s thoughts? Please leave comments below.

Rider Points


Team and Manufacturer Points



  1. lewisphillips Post author

    Now that everyone knows how the points work, and have a better idea of the system. I think picking our teams fresh for round four would be a good idea. It would allow more people to apply some strategy to their team…

  2. mxrfx

    It wasnt clear that the team had to stick for the year. I presumed it was on a round by round basis and picked an inexpensive local rider in Luke Benstead specifically for Lyng. Picking a team for the whole season with a 1 rider change per round definately makes sense to me.
    Are the rider points per race or per meeting?
    How are the team points allocated, i.e PAR have 4 riders (Whatley, Coutts, Watson and Sterry) where as Lanes only have 2 (DeReuver and Thompson) so is it – an average of their total points or – just their total points or – total of their top 2 riders points??
    How are the manufacturer point allocated? is it – based on the total points scored by all riders on the spcific brand or – the average points based on the total divided by number of riders on said brand??
    Great idea though guys and a good talking point on monday mornings.
    Keep up the great work.
    Dave Garland

  3. hhh629

    I think you need to give points to the teams and manufacturer or scrap it as you will pick up a lot moor points with 6 good riders 🙂

  4. hhh629

    I think you need to give more points to the teams and manufacturer or scrap it as you will pick up a lot moor points with 6 good riders

  5. yzrider11 Post author

    Personally I don’t think we should be picking complete new teams, but do agree to being able to replace a rider due to injuries etc. the part I would change is the team points and maybe manufactures points because I think that it should be harder and vital to pick the 3rd rider on limited budget, otherwise everyone is just
    Going to spend all their money on 3 top riders rather than thinking about carefully spreading their budget across all aspects

  6. clemmx Post author

    I think that most people thought the team and manu. points would be the same as rider position points. so if pocock won, you would get 25 and if bike-it was your team you would get another 25.

  7. Callum Ford 31

    I think choosing teams again would be good as we know how the points work now and how it works.

  8. 01tdavies

    I think MXManager is a brilliant idea – shame it wasn’t thought of sooner!
    Definitely good to know how many points are awarded and that the team will be for the whole year. As above, I thought it would be on a round by round basis. Atleast 1 of my riders would change if it means lasting a whole season! 🙂

  9. onemotionmx Post author

    Maybe include the support class for each event MXY2 WMX etc . Instead of the Manu/Teams.

    Still a great way to get involved with the sport just that little bit more.

  10. onemotionmx Post author

    Good point that Dave Garland made about teams with different amount of riders.??

  11. James Post author

    Love it guys, thanks for all the feedback so far. I think one of the key areas is Team/Manufacturer points as enough are not being awarded. When i first included them, their was supposed to be a strategy behind this. I think giving more points, in relation to a riders win will add value.

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