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Muddy Day For The Pro’s at Mallory For British Masters Round 1.

MX1 Kristian Whatley had the best qualifying time followed by James Lassu and Gert Krestinov.

MX2 Neville Bradshaw and Bryan Mackenzie had close qualifying lap times but Bradshaw had the fastest by a few seconds.

in race 1 of MX1 and MX2 ashley greedy grabbed himself the holeshot, Kristian Whatley rode superb in MX1 to claim the race victory in the first moto followed closely by Darren Coutts and Gert Krestinov in third.

DB Honda James Cottrell rode extremely well in the first moto getting himself first in MX2 followed closely by Neville Bradshaw in second and Matt Burrows in third.

the second moto of the day for the Pro’s Whatley grabbed himself yet again another race victory in MX1 which secured him the top spot on podium, with Gert Krestinov in second and Ashley Greedy getting third overall.

MX2 Bradshaw got himself the overall win of the weekend with getting the last race win ahead of Bryan Mackenzie in second, James Cottrell in third grabbing himself the second spot on podium and Matt Burrows taking third.

Overall Results

Pro MX1

PosNo.NameTotal pointsR1R2
1227Kristian Whatley1005050
237Gert Krestinov924547
3331Ashley Greedy884345
4701Darren Coutts884741
554Joe Jones804139
6700Sam Simmons703337
72Clinton Barrs703535
8185Peter Wainwright683731
9232James Lassu643133
1036Matthew Moffat4343
11704Ashley Wilde39390
1279Jamie Mccarthy3030
13129Ross Hill00
1460Scott Elderfield00
15741Gareth Padgett00
1619Benjamin Talbott00

 Pro MX2

PosNo.NameTotal pointsR1R2
1272Neville Bradshaw974750
2711James Cottrell955045
311Matt Burrows884543
4111*Ray Bowson824141
512Luke Hawkins824339
6121Bryan Mackenzie773047
7141Damon Strydom763937
86Sean Frayne633528
942Arron Jenner592435
1013Sebastian Osborne592930
11195Robert Clitheroe582731
12357Bradley Ward552629
13818Shaun Springer552827
1495Dan Thornhill37370
15356Anthony Reville33033
16125Mark Perfect33330
17111Sam Winterburn31310
18302Brad Woodroffe25250
1944Chris Povey2323
2090Ashley Watt22220
2131Bryn Clarke000
2256Edward Briscoe00
2333Daniel Brough00
24200James Dunn00

Report and Photos by Jemma Lavender


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