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Mr Unbeatable: Jeffrey Herlings interview

Jeffrey Herlings has added yet another race to his growing collection of legendary rides.

From virtually last round turn one Herlings eventually reeled in race leader Jordi Tixier in a thrilling second moto where Herlings had to show his true speed on very one lined track. It was a performance in an atmosphere that people will be talking about for years to come and anyone who witnessed it will be quick to say “I was there”.

Herlings is unbeaten at this track since he has raced GPs from 2010 at fifteen years of age. He has won four in a row now and never lost a moto.  No one has been able to touch him, not Musuin, not Roczen and not TIxier even when Jeffrey started at the back.

Tixier mentioned in the press conference that getting second is like a win in the sand because Herlings is impossible to beat in those conditions. That is the magnitude of Herlings’ speed and also the mental beat down he has inflicted on his opponents.

Herlings has his critics but no one can deny that on the track the Dutchman is a genius and he is producing performances right now that are just jaw dropping.  It is easy to forget he is still just 18 years old too!

We had a brief chat with Herlings about his performance and whether he wished there had been a superfinal this weekend.


It was a bad start to the weekend yesterday but that was a phenomenal ride in the second moto!

Well it is not easy to come from the back. I was stuck with someone in the first corner in a bit of a pile.  At the end I did a good job I came from almost last to first place. The track was really fast today and they flattened it a lot so it was difficult to make a difference.  I had a solid race and managed to take two moto wins.

Did you think it was going to happen? At one point you were still twelve seconds back with not long to go, but once you got into third you made the time up.

Definitely, at one point it was twenty second and I was thinking I need free track because I had so many guys in front of me. Once I had no one in front of me I closed up a lot and got in the lead in short amount of time.

Your corner speed in those last few laps was amazing – is that something you work on or you just have?

I think I just have it. I don’t work on it but as a sand rider you just get used to it, even though those turns were not easy this weekend because it was kind of one lined. It was tough but in the end I made it happen even though I had a bad gate pick.

Do you wish you had a superfinal here against Cairoli here this weekend?

Well I think I could maybe win  – if I didn’t have 40th gate pick of course! Leirop would be even better,  but I think if I had a top three start in the Superfinal here I could win but obviously there is not a superfinal here.

The crowd must give you a buzz coming through the field?

Yea definitely it was.  It is always nice to race a home GP with all those fans behind you!

Interview by Jonathan McCready

Picture by Nigel McKinstry

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