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List Them: That Elusive Win

Another MX Vice quiz to test your knowledge, covers MX2 class from 2004 to the present day.

Can you name all of the riders who have climbed onto the MX2 overall podium, but never quite managed to get a Grand Prix win? It seems like a simple question, seeing as so few riders have been privileged enough to claim a trophy at the world’s highest level, but there a lot of names to identify below and some rather surprising ones too. There are twenty minutes on the clock, just to give you enough time to work through all of the potential options. It is not going to be easy to get half marks in this, let alone go all of the way!

Spelling is crucial with this game, as per usual, but there are no names that should be too much of a curveball. You can answer with full names, but last names are also accepted. There are not any additional rules, so have a stab and see just how far you can make it. Remember to share your scores over on social media, good or bad, and tell us who tripped you up (motocrossvice on Twitter and mxvice on Instagram). Good luck!


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