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Motocross des Nations: Pre-Race Press Conference

MX Vice made it! Following a full day of travelling, we have arrived at the 2013 Motocross des Nations – the event of the year. Although there will not be a single bike on-track today, the excitement is at an all-time high, which is to be expected – this is the MXdN after all!

So, what went on today? Well, quite a lot actually! All of the top teams, and riders travelled to the media centre to take part in a pre-race press conference, which is actually the focus of this article! What did the USA, Great Britain, Germany and the rest have to say? Well, read on!

Team Germany:

Max Nagl: “We are really happy with the event, it is great. Yesterday it started with the people, and now we’re going to have great weather, which is great for everyone! We hope to make the podium, I think it is possible. We all know the track, and we all like it”

Ken Roczen:I think we have a pretty good chance to get on the podium again. It is going to be tough for sure. I think that overall, it is going to be a great event. It’s great [to be home], especially to be running number one, two and three. My personal goal is to win a moto – I’ll do my best to reach that goal.

Dennis Ullrich: “It is my first time on the Motocross des Nations, and it is a weird thing, being in my home country, as defending champions. I will give it my best for the people.

Team Belgium:

Ken de Dycker: “It has been good year in the past, I won two motos at Teutschenthal in 2010. The MXdN is something more spectacular, though. I hope the track will be rutty – with a good start, it will not be a problem.”

Jeremy van Horebeek: “It is a big change [dropping to the 250f]. Going from the mX1 bike to the MX2 bike was strange, as the power difference was a lot. But I feel great, even better than in my MX2 years! We came for one thing, and that is to win it. Anything else is good also, but it is time to win it.”

Clement Desalle: “I think it’s time to finally get the first position. Hopefully, we can all ride to best of our ability – I believe we can do really good. I like the change [to the start]. This track has not had a lot of change in the past; it is fun as a rider to have something different.”

Joel Smets: “Yeah, I think our riders were disappointed last year – we came really close to winning it. But, we are motivated to fight back this weekend.”

Team USA:

Ryan Dungey: “Last year was tough. I just wrote it off as a bad weekend – we ended up third, which isn’t too bad. The track looks great, I had a chance to walk it with my great teammates, Eli and Justin. I did have some flight delays (about twenty four hours). But, we made it, and I got a little bit of seat time this morning.”

Eli Tomac: “It is totally new to me. But, the good thing is I have been overseas before. However, being on the team is new to me. Germany is so much different to the USA – but I do like the food, so that’s good! I leave on Monday, so we’re in and out quite quick.”

Justin Barcia: “Last year was a huge challenge for us – the track just wasn’t what we were used to. This track [Teutschenthal] looks great for all of us, it is kind of like the USA. We’ll have some fun, try our best, and try to rip some holeshots.”

Roger DeCoster: “The main reason that I like it so much, is that it brings all the best from Europe and the USA together. We do not have another chance to race against eachother. All year, we look at there results, and they look at ours, wondering who is the better rider. We raced a heavy season. After our season was finished, they [the riders] did some more testing for this event. But the team did not really work together. We did have a little practice session yesterday, and this morning – but that is it.”

The Netherlands:

Marc de Reuver: “I’m very patriotic, it is all about the orange. People don’t know why it’s orange! It’s because the surname of the Dutch royal family is ‘from orange.’ But yeah, I am happy to be here. I’ll walk the track later and maybe get some tips from Glenn!”

Glenn Coldenhoff: “This year was very special for me, with my first GP win. I still feel strong and fit, and good about this weekend.”

Herjan Brakke: “I’m looking forward to this race. I think we have a strong team, and we will all give it our best.”


Gautier Paulin: “In the last part of the year, the MXdN, and Bercy were my priorities. I have had a good week training with my teammates, and I think we can finish on the podium. I will give it 100%”

Jordi Tixier: “I am not nervous to be here, just happy to be racing the Motocross des Nations. The team has a really good feeling together, which is good.”

Christophe Charlier: “I am very happy to ride with Gautier and Jordi. I have a great feeling on my 450f, and it is easy to ride”


Antonio Cairoli: “The MXdN is a very important race to everyone. It is an amazing event, and very special – so many people come! For me, it’s a race like the rest – I always want to be on top. For the rest of the group, we are motivated to finish on the podium.”

Alessandro Lupino: “This year I made a step forward, and I am more confident. I have the speed to be at the front. It is a pleasure to be selected to ride for Italy again.”

David Philippaerts: “I am happy to be back at the Motocross des Nations. At my last Nations in Italy, back in 2009, I won my Open class – I am always at the front at this event.”


Evgeny Bobryshev: “I have good memories from 2011, I won the GP here – I love this track. They made some good changes, and they look good – like my kind of track. I want to do my best for team Russia, and get the best position in the race. It is always exciting, the MXdN, against all the best riders. The beginning of the year, everything was going wrong – then I got injured, and there was a big drop down. But I put my head down, and did a lot of work to finish the season in a positive way. I can not say I am 100% today, as I still have a problem with my foot. But I am in good shape, so I can battle with the top riders.”

Aleksandr Tonkov: I cannot say I am nervous, but I am certainly excited. I am looking forward to the race, I feel good, I am in good shape and the bike is good. I have some pain in my wrist (which is why he has tape on it).”

Evgeny Mikhaylov: “This was my third season in the USA, I have great experience. I am really happy to represent my country in the MXdN this year. I am sure that we will give our maximum in this race. The last MXdN in Lommel was really difficult for me, but it is all experience. I am ready for this weekend.”

Great Britain:

Tommy Searle: “Every year everyone talks about getting on the podium – but it hasn’t happened yet. All we can do is go out and do our best. Yeah, it is a team event, but if we all do what we can do individually, we should be good.”

Jake Nicholls: “I’ll try and carry on my British GP form. I’ll go out there and do my best. Like Tommy said, if we go out there and do our own thing, we should be alright.”

Shaun Simpson: “I showed in Lierop that I can run upfront. People can say it’s a fluke, but I feel that I’ve got good speed. We’re just going to go out there, do our own job, and pull together as a team when we need to. We should be close to the podium, I feel like the track will suit me, now that it is a little softer.”

Neil Prince: “To be honest, I didn’t watch the GP’s much this year – but I followed the results. Even before Simpson’s GP win, his results were good – he was easy to pick. We haven’t got together as a team. These three guys are very professional, they have a god routine. There is no need to keep a check on these guys.”


Brett Metcalfe: “I think this event is the greatest event we have in our sport – just to be involved is an honour. I was on the podium here in 2011, which was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I think we’ve got a great team – you can expect us to be a top three threat.”

Dean Ferris: “I’ve actually been riding the MX2 bike all year, so I’ve got an advantage in that way – I’m not nervous. I haven’t checked out the track yet, I know the soil is good, it ruts up, which suits us all.”

Todd Waters: “It’s a massive thing for me, we’ve got a great team. It’s my second year, and the track looks great. It’s a bit tacky, which is great. Brett is one of my idols – to have a team like we do, I’m looking forward to the race. Last year was my first time over here, and I got the bug – I’m excited about next year.”

2014 Novelties: 

Guiseppe Luongo: “For 2014, we will be making a lot of changes, some including the calendar. For now, we will talk about the changes regarding the presentation of our sport (the new logo, the new magazine).” [Ed Note: At this point, a new logo, a new website and a new ‘MXGP store’ was revealed. Also, a new official video game was announced, entitled ‘MXGP’ – a sequel to MUD. Interestingly, this will now have real tracks, which MUD lacked, and all of the real riders].

Article by Lewis Phillips

MX Vice Editor || 25

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