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Moto win for Tommy Searle in France

Tommy Searle maintained his challenge for the FIM World MX2 Motocross Championship with yet another moto win in the sixth round of the series at St Jean D’Angely in western France.

The 22 year old Englishman was on pole position after a stunning victory in qualification, and he recorded the fastest lap in both GP motos aboard the Team Floride Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit. An unfortunate incident at the start of the first moto when he failed to get away cleanly as his rear wheel dug into soft ground restricted him to third in that race, but he rebounded strongly in race two with an overwhelming victory to strengthen his second place in the championship standings.

Searle’s teammate Joel Roelants was a strong fourth in both races as he continues his return to the front flight following an unfortunate concussion last month, which had interfered with his training programme. In a particularly strong second race he finished just two seconds from second place and has consolidated his fourth place in the championship.

After suffering terribly bad luck with injuries since the opening GP Valentin Teillet took his Team Rockstar Bud Racing Kawasaki to sixth place overall in his home GP to augur well for the rest of the season, but unfortunately his teenage teammate Dylan Ferrandis was forced to withdraw from the GP with a wrist injury after being catapulted out of the qualifying race by another rider; earlier he had set a sensational third fastest time in Pre-Qualifying.

Tommy Searle: “This was probably the best-prepped track all year, but that meant that there was less of a differential between the fastest riders and the rest so it made it more difficult to move through the pack if you didn’t get a good start. After winning the qualification on Saturday we decided to take gate one, but the ground at the start had been graded and my rear wheel dug into the soft gravel so I was nearly last off the start. By the time I got to third, the leaders were gone. I was soon second in race two and once I found a way past the leader I put my head down and opened up a gap.”

Joel Roelants: “I have been able to train hard since we got back to Europe from the overseas races and, even though I didn’t get a good start in the first race, I was able to push through to fourth place. My second start was better but I was again fourth. Second place was only two seconds away but I couldn’t quite finds a way past the two riders immediately ahead of me.”

Valentin Teillet: “After my injuries I haven’t been able to race so much and couldn’t practice for several weeks, so it was physically demanding for me this weekend but I reached my goal with two top ten results. It’s such a great feeling to finish two motos again, particularly in front of my home crowd; it was incredible to get so much support from the fans. Sixth place was a great result and it could have been better if I had not had one small crash in each race.”

Dylan Ferrandis: “I had my best pre-qualifying session of the season with the third berst time, so I had a good gate for the qualifying race. My start was also good and I was in sixth place after several corners, but another rider hit me and forced me to crash. I carried on but then the front wheel slipped away in a fast corner and crashed again. I felt pain in my wrist and the team and I decided that I should not race until I have had a thorough examination on Monday.”

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