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Moto 4 The Movie: The Review

In all honesty, words can’t really describe Moto 4 The Movie. It takes a special kind of talent to take the sport that is so beautiful through our eyes, and replicate that vision in a fifty-three minute long film. However, once again Taylor Congdon and The Assignment Inc have succeeded in doing this. It seems every time they release a film in the ‘Moto The Movie’ series it raises the bar in the motocross film industry; Moto 4 is no different.

I feel as though a strength of the movie is that it not only showcases the talents of various motocross superstars; it also blends in scenes and interviews with some of the top riders from the enduro world – guys like Taddy Blazusiak. Like most of you reading this, I’m a motocross fanatic. However, I really enjoyed learning more about the different disciplines that perhaps don’t get as much recognition. In some cases, watching Kurt Caselli blast across the open desert, or Taylor Robert leap through a Californian vineyard are some of the most breathtaking segments of the movie. The Zach Osborne segment is my favourite part of Moto 4 The Movie. Shot by Mikey Neale, it offers a great insight into his MXGP adventure as well as showcasing some great riding.

Moto 4 The Movie also offers an outsider the chance to witness secret locations, like the Carmichael farm for example. The crew behind the film not only give you an insight into the tracks the featured riders have pounded out hundreds and hundreds of laps on, they also offer you the chance to get inside the mind of a professional racer. Not only are the astonishing clips accompanied by a stellar soundtrack, small by thorough interviews with the riders also overlays the footage. These interviews are no by means the generic spiel that the riders say on the podium.

The variety of different perspectives you are privy too keeps the action fresh and exciting throughout every single second of action. Whether you are watching Chad Reed ride around his private facility in Florida from the viewpoint of a heli-cam, or you’re watching Jessy Nelson rip up a riverbed in slow motion, it just never fails to disappoint. It almost reminds you why you fell in love with the sport in the first place.

There are a variety of ways you can buy Moto 4 The Movie. If you want the best experience possible, then watching the stars of today, tomorrow and yesteryear in HD on Blu-Ray is most definitely the way to go. However, if you want the film to be easily accessible at all times (and it is the slightly cheaper option, also) then you can purchase the film on iTunes. If you do purchase this film you will definitely not be disappointed, because quite simply, it’s a work of art.

Words by Lewis Phillips 


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