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Monster Energy: Big Hill Jam

This seems like the perfect way to ring in the New Year. Watch as Josh Hill and others simply have fun and make use of natural surroundings. Isn’t that the dream for a lot of people reading this? The Monster Energy video is below.

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Essentially, we are talking a slope-style course for dirtbikes using 120 acres of Josh Hill’s massively hilly forest in Oregon. This is one of the most beautiful and unique backdrops imaginable (with aspects of SX, MX, Endurocross and FMX mixed into single track trail riding). Wall-rides, downhill jumps, native wood ladder ramps, jumps made out of logs, jumps going through trees or simply taking out tree branches – this jam took advantage of its surroundings. Anyone who appreciates the outdoors will enjoy Josh Hill’s very unique take on free riding.

Video: Monster Energy | Lead Image: Mike Emery


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