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Minibike Champs headed to Kieradan Park on the weekend of September 8th and 9th to draw to a close the first season of the very successful 2012 British Minibike Championship. With the backing of the MCF the series kicked off at Mallory Park back in March and has covered 6 events throughout the year. A tremendous amount of work has been put into the championship to ensure the best experience for the riders including the use of transponder timing that was distributed live to phone apps for the final 2 rounds.

The series has covered four Adult classes and two Youth classes that include 50cc auto and 65cc motocross machines alongside the traditional 50 and 125cc Minibikes. The weekend comprised two separate rounds of the championship where there was some exciting racing with the Stock Mod class Championship being decided on the last two laps of the final moto!

The 50cc Youth Class were the first to take to this purpose built track on the outskirts of Scunthorpe with a good mix of MX and Minibikes.  Saturday’s racing saw two start to finish wins from three for Mitch Armour give him the overall. Tobias Gray Richardson was the only rider to head Armour for seven laps of the final Moto until Armour forced his way through for his third win of the day. Richardson picked up second ahead of Charlie Bird in third. Sunday’s results show how close the racing was with the three motos each having a different victor. Mason Athey took to the front in Moto 1, was chased down and passed by eventual winner Mitch Armour with two laps remaining. Mason once again took to the front in Moto 2 but was this time caught and passed by Tobias Gray Richardson three laps in, Tobias went on to take the win from Armour with Athey in third. Athey took the lead in Moto three and this time wasn’t to be headed throughout taking the final win of the day. With a win and two seconds the overall went to Armour with Athey in second and Richardson in third. Having scored consistently throughout the season the championship win went to young Senna Ace MacLintic by 142 points form Bird.

The Youth 125 riders were joined by a separate class for 65cc MX bikes and it was surprising to see how competitive the bikes were with each other. Joe Hudson, just returning from injury in the Minibike 125cc class, took the first two Moto wins of the weekend with a second to back them up and land him the overall. Kieran Sembiante rode doggedly all day and was finally rewarded with a race victory in Moto three giving him the overall runner spot ahead of Bert Keaton. Sunday saw a win and two seconds enough to give Hudson the championship victory and the overall on the day ahead of Sembiante and Beaton. The 65cc MX class, new to the events, Saw Kurtis Grigffiths in dominant form on Saturday taking all three moto victories and the overall, the other places were hotly contested however with places being swapped throughout, Ben Clark came out on the second step of the podium with third, fourth and second place finishes ahead of Oliver woods with a fourth and two thirds. With Sunday seeing the riders with other commitments it was left to Leon Flint to pick up the three wins after battling hard with the 125cc Minibikes throughout.

The Open Mini class caters for both 50cc and 88cc bikes and always makes for some good entertainment.  Saturday threw up three separate winners in the forms of Craig Powell, Alex Hall and Tom Down in the 50cc class.  Hall unfortunately had a DNF in Moto one and didn’t show for Moto three taking him out of the equation and Down took the overall with a second and third to back up the win ahead of Powell in second, Downs closest championship rival, Sam Lane, took third slipping a further 42 points behind. A second place and two victories was more than enough for Down to clinch the series and Sundays overall with Steve Cousins finishing second ahead of Powell with Lane back in fourth. In the 88cc class, Saturdays Moto one saw an awesome battle between Callum Charnock and Kev Doolan, Kev only completed one race because of speedway commitments and Charnock went on to three victories and the overall ahead of Chris Wybrow and Danny Quinlan. Sunday saw the return of Doolan who, although beaten by Charnock in Moto one went on to take the overall win form Charnock and Freddie Basted Watts in third. Charnock claimed the series win from Wybrow with Doolan in third.

The Stock Mod class in the most hotly contested and this Championship was destined to go to the final race of the series. The weekend started with Lee Mitchell leading Tom Holland by a slender 39 points with a total of 600 on offer. Saturday saw Holland close the gap on Mitchell having taking victory with a 2-2-1 scorecard, Mitchell took second with a fourth in Moto 1 backed up by a win and a second resulting in a loss of 14 points to Holland, Winson Ngai put in three strong moto performances to take the last podium slot on day 1. Holland and Mitchell found themselves battling it out in the pack on Sunday with Nathan Marsden setting the pace at the front taking two wins from three to take the overall, Craig English took a slender second place ahead of Jim Scrafton. With one Moto to go Mitchell was still holding a slender three point lead in the series and with two laps to go was holding Holland at bay, Holland then made the move and quickly shot up to second and took the Championship title.

The Pro Racer class is the fastest class of the series and Todd Kellett, who joined the series late, was once again setting the pace taking the fastest lap of the day on both days of the event.  Dominating the racing Todd was only once beaten and that was by big brother Ty Kellett in the second Moto on Sunday. In fact it was a family affair with Ty taking the second podium spot on both occasions. With the Kellett brothers not in contention for the title it was Luke Coker and once again Kev Doolan battling it out for Championship honours. Coker, after finishing third overall with Doolan away on Saturday, wrapped up the series after Moto 1 on Sunday and decided to contest the Open Mini class for the rest of the day.  Three third place finishes gave Chris Povey the final podium place on Sunday.

Having got this first season now under their belt, the organisers, Minibike Champs, are already putting plans together to develop the series going forward into 2013.


Kids 50


151 Mitch Armour                            100+100+100=300

95 Tobias Gray Richardson           90+  90+  90=270

4 Charlie Bird                                      82+  76+  82=240


151 Mitch Armour                            100+  90+  90=280

95 Tobias Gray Richardson           82+100+  82=264

12 Mason Athey                                 76+  82+100=258

Standings:  Senna Ace McLintin 1386, Charlie Bird 1244, Ewan Goddard 870

Youth 125


33 Joe Hudson                                    100+100+ 90=290

12 Kieran Sembiante                        90+  90+100=280

20 Bert Keeton                                    82+  82+  82=246


33 Joe Hudson                                    100+  90+  90=280

20 Bert Keeton                                    90+  76+  82=248

31 Stuart Robertson                          82+  82+  76=240

Standings: Joe Hudson 1372, Kieran Sembiante 1014, Bert Keeton 730

65cc MX


99 Kurtis Griffiths                           100+100+100=300

277 Ben Clark                                    82+  76+  90=248

41 Oliver Woods                               76+  82+  82=240


22 Leon Flint                                       100+100+100=300



53 Thomas Down                             90+  82+100=272

12 Craig Powell                                100+  76+  82=258

46 Sam Lane                                       82+  72+  76=230


53 Thomas Down                             90+100+100=290

88 Steve Cousins                              100+  90+  76=266

12 Craig Powell                                  82+  82+  90=254

Standings: Thomas Down 1684, Sam Lane 1446, Craig Powell 1374



609 Callum Charnock                      100+100+100=300

771 Chris Wybrow                             82+  90+  90=262

66 Danny Quinlan                              76+  82+  82=240


33 Kevin Doolan                                90+100+100=290

609 Callum Charnock                      100+  90+  90=280

44  Freddie Brasted watts              76+  82+  82=240

Standings: Callum Charnock 1710, Chris Wybrow 1412, Kevn Doolan 1104



402 Tom Holland                                 90+  90+100=280

14 Lee Mitchell                                     76+100+  90=266

18 Winson Ngai                                     82+  76+  76=234


33 Nathan Marsden                           100+100+  70=270

337 Craig English                               82+  76+100=258

743 Jim Scrafton                                90+  82+  82=254

Standings: Tom Holland 1531, Lee Mitchell 1516, Winson Ngai 1277



98 Todd Kellett                                100+100+100=300

8 Ty Kellett                                         90+  90+  82=262

11 Luke Coker                                    62+  82+  90=234


98 Todd Kellett                                100+  90+100=290

8 Ty Kellett                                        90+100+  90=280

111 Chris Povey                               82+  82+  82=246

Standings: Luke Coker 1404, Kevin Doolan 1260, Peter Boyd 1144

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