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Minibike Champs @ Mallory Park

Minibike Champs returned to Mallory Park in Leicestershire for round 4 of the exciting new championship. Although this was the second round to be held at Mallory it was on a completely different circuit to round 1, encompassing the top end of the GP track with a few different twists and turns to suit the smaller bikes.

The rain made things difficult for the team to get the track prepped, however they were helped by the strong winds and the track dried out to leave almost perfect conditions for racing.

Having not found too much competition in the Stock Mod class, Todd Kellett stepped up to the challenge of the Pro Racer class, only to find himself at the top of the tree following qualification, posting a time over two seconds quicker than his closest rival Adam Pickersgill.  Moto one saw Craig Powell steel the holeshot from Luke Coker, a lead held by Powell until Kellett stormed his way to the front on lap three having started in seventh. Powell eventually slipped back to fourth behind Aussie speedway star Kevin Doolan and Coker after a gruelling fourteen minutes. It was Kev Doolan that got away at the front in Moto 2, chased hard by Daniel Whittingham and Patrick Clark. Again it didn’t take the super quick Kellett to hit the front form an initial fifth, leading form lap three to the finish 30 seconds ahead of second placed Coker with Doolan in third. Moto three saw Powell once again head the field from the start, this time holding on for a fourth place finish. Kellett took the lead on lap two this time and then went on to annihilate the field, lapping everybody other than second placed Coker who was 51 seconds adrift at the finish ahead of Doolan. Kellett even had a bit of time for showboating over the finish tabletop with a few whips and no footers. Kellett took the overall and prize for fastest lap of the day but it is Coker who heads the Championship, 133 points clear of Doolan.

The two Lee’s, Mitchell and English headed the qualifying session for the Stock Mod class, separated by just over 1 second with Tom Holland posting third time. It was Bryan Pascoe that got the Moto 1 holeshot however, just ahead of English and Mitchell. Pascoes race didn’t go according to plan and a few incidents saw him slipping down the order to an eventual eighth place finish. English also had a disastrous first lap allowing Mitchell to hit the front on go on to the win ahead of Winson Ngai and Holland, with English recovering to fifth. Moto two was a different story with English hitting the front from the start and going on to claim a victory by 28 seconds from Mitchell and Holland. Once again the fast starting Pascoe headed the field in Moto 3 until passed by English on lap 3, a lead that didn’t last as English encountered problems and slipped back down the pack, eventually recovering to take third at the flag. Matt Cummings took over at the head of the pack for a couple of laps until passed by Mitchell who went on to victory over Cummings. The overall was tight but went to Mitchell with his two wins. Mitchell now heads the Championship by 39 points over Holland with Ngai in third.

The Open Mini is actually two classes, catering for both 50cc and 88cc machines and it’s no surprise that Callum Charnock and Kevin Doolan headed the qualification sheet on their 88cc machines with Alex Hall and Thomas Downs heading the 50cc field. Charnock led the charge from Doolan in the first Moto with the positions changing on lap three, Charnock kept him honest though right through to the flag, Chris Wybrow finished fourth in the race and third in the 88 class. Third placed man Alex Hall took the 50cc honours ahead of Down and Craig Powell. Moto two saw Charnock once again holeshot but this time Doolan could do nothing about it with Charnock gradually extending his lead throughout the Moto. Hall once again one the battle of the 50cc class ahead of Down and Powell by a slender four second margin. Charnock was once again dominant in Moto three with Doolan dropping down the order after mounting an early challenge to eventually finish seventh in the moto and third in class. Hall completed a hatrick of wins over Down and Powell in the 50cc class.Charnock and Hall took the honours in the 88 and 50cc classes respectively and Charnock heads the 88 Championship with Down at the top of the 50cc series.

Unfortunately there was a low turnout in the youth class, despite the offer of a father’s day special form the organisers. The day was enjoyed by both Ewan Goddard and Senna Ace McLintic on their 50cc machines, McLintic taking the opportunity to try out his twostroke KTM SX50 in one Moto. Goddard won the day with three wins from three but it is McLintic that heads the Championship standings by 108 points over Goddard.

Minibike Champs have got one event left to go that will count as two rounds of the series being run over the weekend of August 4th and 5th at the superb facility at Kieradan Park near Scunthorpe, North Licolnshire.


Pro Racer

Todd Kellett                          100 + 100 + 100 = 300

Luke Coker                               82 +    90 +   90 = 262

Kevin Doolan                         90 +    82 +   82 = 254

Craig Powell                           76 +    72 +   76 = 224

Daniel Whittingham         72 +    76 +   69 = 217

Championship Standings:  Luke Coker 1098, Kevin Doolan 965, Peter Boyd 757, Ricky Atkinson 710, Daniel Gabbitas 708

Stock Mod

Lee Mitchell                         100 +   90 + 100 = 290

Lee English                              72 + 100 +   82 = 254

Tom Holland                           82 +   82 +   76 = 240

Matt Cummings                                     76 +   69 +   90 = 235

Winson Ngai                           90 +   72 +   72 = 234

Championship Standings: Lee Mitchell 1038, Tom Holland 999, Winson Ngai 834, Michael Taunt 741, Gary Everest 732

Open Mini 50

Alex Hall                                  100 + 100 + 100 = 300

Thomas Down                       90 +    90 +   90 = 270

Craig Powell                           82 +    82 +   82 = 246

Sam Lane                                  76 +    76 +   76 = 228

Alfie Webb                               72 +    72 +   72 = 216

Championship Standings: Thomas Down 1122, Sam Lane 982, Craig Powell 862, Jules Simpson 654, Alex Hall 562

Open Mini 88

Callum Charnock                 90 + 100 + 100 = 290

Kevin Doolan                       100 +    90 +   82 = 272

Chris Wybrow                        82 +    82 +   90 = 254

Richard Kane                         36 +    76 +   76 = 188

Championship Standings: Callum Charnock 1130, Chris Wybrow 916, Kevin Doolan 724, Dale Phillips 300, Josh Quinlan 246


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