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McCormick and Gibson on form for Desertmartin!

Gary Gibson won all three races and the John Donnelly trophy at Downpatrick at round four of the Irish Motocross championship. Glenn McCormick took the honours after three tough MX2 battles and it has set both up perfectly for their home British championship round at Desertmartin.

The defending Irish Champion Gibson holeshot the first two races and controlled both motos on the technical rutted course. But race three was a different story.

Wayne Garrett got out into the lead with rivals Richard Bird and Tommy Merton second and third. Gibson was going to have to pass all three major rivals to win on a tight track and he did it in style.

The most spectacular pass was on Garrett for the lead and the JAR by IFS Honda rider tried to squeeze Gibson out coming up to a small jump, Gibson was having none of it, despite hitting the post, Gibson kept it pinned, landed in the corner right into the side of Garret – and made the pass!

It took Garrett a lap to recover his momentum and he began to close the gap back to Gibson but after getting close Garrett just could not find a way through on the closing laps leaving Gibson to celebrate a brilliant victory and lift the John Donnelly trophy.

Gibson said: “I went home and did my homework and got my bike set up the way I wanted and made a few changes regards suspension. The past couple of weeks  I have had a gremlin on my back and haven’t been able to push halfway through the race. In the last race when I saw Dicky and Wayne in front the red mist came down and I thought this is the time to prove myself.  I want to keep going forward and not look back. There is no reason why I can’t go with a big smile on my face to Desertmartin and get a couple of top ten results. It has been big experience going to England, learning the tracks and mixing it with the riders. I just feel I’m getting bullied about a bit, I need to get in the mix.”

In MX2 it was again a breathtaking battle between Glenn McCormick and Jason Meara. McCormick got the better of the first tussle while Meara caught McCormick in race two only for McCormick chase him the whole way to the flag, but Meara held on for the win.

In race three Meara lead as McCormick went down in turn two. McCormick was way back and had to battle through the 450s and the rest of the mx2 class just to see Meara. But by the half way point McCormick started closing the gap and once into second put the afterburners on and was right on Meara on the last lap.

It still looked like Meara would hold on for the overall win but when a backmarker forced Meara to change his line,McCormickseized his opportunity, took the opposite line and took the lead. He held on for the final couple of corners ahead of a furious Meara who had some angry words for the lapped rider.

McCormick was delighted with the win and looking forward to the MXY2 at Desertmartin this weekend:  “It was a good ride, I had a target in front of me and I was able to go for it, so i’m happy enough! In the last race Jason chose the outside rut and I chose the inside and went up the inside of him (on the last lap) but that’s racing. I didn’t think I would be able to get him so it was brilliant. I need to keep her lit now for Desertmartin, it’s the home race so I want to go out and do well. I just need to go and have fun enjoy it and try and get on the podium.”

Article by Jonathan McCready


MX Vice Editor || 25

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