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MAXXIS Full list today?

The ACU have gave the impression that the full list of entries accepted will be posted maybe today? Here is what they have to say..

‘With ACU Events due to announce the full list of registered riders for the 2012 Championship in the next 24 hours, MXGB sneaked a look at some of the big names in the MX1 and MX2 class and it would appear that the 2012 MX1 and MX2 class will be more competitive than ever.

Obviously, the introduction of Kevin Strijbos and Marc De Reuver in the MX1 class, plus the return of Shaun Simpson to the series makes it competitive, but the possibility of any of the following standing on the podium exists – Gert Krestinov, Martin Barr, Alfie Smith, Alex Snow, Stephen Sword, Matiss Karro, Kristian Whatley and Jason Dougan to name a few.

There are big guns in the MX2 class as well, with GP regulars Arnaud Tonus and Zach Osborne likely to be pressed by Nicholas Aubin, Elliot Banks Browne, Mel Pocock, Bryan MacKenzie, Nevile Bradshaw, Graeme Irwin and a fit Ray Rowson. The class also sees three promising yougsters, Adam Sterry, Jordan Divall and James Dunn move into the class.

A full list of riders and reserves for all three classes should be published shortly.’

The opening round of the championship takes place at FatCat, near Doncaster on March 11th.


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